4 Must-Have Apps For The Pool

Every pool owner has wished that there was a magical tool that could help them do everything, including organizing maintenance, trying to determine pool chemical mixtures and even how to enjoy their pool.

Thanks to the onslaught of mobile devices and the handy items known as apps, you can have all of this information in the palm of your hand. Swimming pool apps are becoming popular, and many pool owners are wondering how they enjoyed or took care of their pool before they had a mobile device.

If you’re a pool owner, you’ll want to get your hands on the following four apps as soon as possible.

1. Pool Doctor

No matter how long you’ve had your pool, PoolDoctor can help you with everything. When it comes time to determining your chemicals, Pool Doctor can tell you exactly how much of each chemical you need. Enter in information from the last chemical reading test kit, and you’ll soon find out much needed information about your pool.

Pool Doctor will even help you determine which types of chemical adjustments will have the best impact on your pool.

If you’re ever in need of purchasing something for your pool, but you’re not sure how big your pool is, Pool Doctor contains a Volume Estimator to help you find out the size of your pool.

Plus, Pool Doctor offers supreme customer service. If you’re ever in need of any assistance, you can email Pool Doctor directly from your app and have a response within 24 hours.

2. Pool Calculator

Like Pool Doctor, PoolCalculator helps you with everything that you need to know about chemicals in order to keep your pool clean and healthy. If you’re unsure of which chemicals you need or how much of those chemicals you need, Pool Calculator will give you all of the answers.

Pool Calculator was designed to keep you from sticking to charts and formulas in order to figure out what you need. Just tell the app the size of your pool and your latest test kit results, and it will give you all the information you need to know.

3. Insta-Link 2

Taking care of your pool can be frustrating and time consuming all in one. The Insta-Link 2 app can be used to help make pool maintenance easier. Simply test your pool with test strips, and use your device to take a picture of the strip. The information will then be sent through Insta-Link 2, and you will be welcomed with a great deal of knowledge about your pool.

If for some reason the strip cannot be read, you also have the option of entering all the information into the app on your own. All of your water tests will be stored on the app, so you can easily see a history of your pool’s test results. You can also store important information about your pool through the app, making it a one stop shop for details.

?4. iHeartRadio

You absolutely cannot enjoy swimming in your pool without listening to music, but you may find it hard to receive the radio stations you love while in your pool. Use iHeartRadio instead of fussing with a regular radio.

iHeartRadio allow you to locate live local radio stations, and you even have the option of creating your own stations without the hassle of commercials. You can even select to hear certain artists, and iHeartRadio will play other artists will similar musical stylings.

iHeartRadio is a free, all-in-one digital service that lets you find more than 1,000 Live Stations or create commercial-free Custom Stations featuring the artist you select and similar music.??

Elijah Newman is a writer and marketing expert who works with the Palms hotel in Las Vegas.  He likes to give advice and help people on the internet.