4 Must Read Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

4 Must Read Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Sometimes it is extremely saddening to see people saying they cannot have enough room in their busy schedules to find an average 30 minutes of time to read something. We have undermined the importance and blessing that reading provides evident by the fact that an average individual watches 3 to 5 hours of television every day, yet they cannot find 30 minutes of reading time. Reading is such a great habit, that it can take a person out of their depression completely forever, this is why the books are your best companions. Books provide the kind of experience, no other substitute can. Your imagination has no boundaries when you read, because a book will represent a setting in words which you will have to really focus and imagine to exactly get that feeling. They also have much more detailed experience and longer life compared to mediums like the internet and television and even phones.

Reading should not be like essay writing, something that you forcefully have to do it. It should come naturally as a need or a habit that makes you happy. People who can make reading become their hobby are known to be the happiest. They never find themselves lonely, bored or depressed plus the benefit of advanced knowledge they get by reading is another bonus. Reading has different genres from suspense, to business, to thrillers and beyond. People have different niches they like to read even the students. Today, we will talk about four must read books, that every student should buy if they are aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs.

Jab, Jab, Jab, RIGHT HOOK. – Gary Vaynerchuk

If you want to be the kind of entrepreneur who would want social and digital media to play a strong role in the business, then this book is the best solution for you. It offers a complete crash course with seamless reading experience on how one can use social media for entrepreneurial opportunities? The book is extremely easy and non complex to follow. It takes you straight to the point with relevant concepts and examples. It caters to aspects like building a presence on social media, creating brand awareness and finding leads by using various social media strategies and platforms.

Human to Human: H2H. – Bryan Kramer

This book is probably the most comprehensive yet the shortest book you will find on entrepreneurship. It offers a lot to the readers in just less than fifty pages and demands nothing more than an hour of your time. It teaches the readers on how to work around  creative and complex business models as well as stop being too clichéd and traditional.

Permission Marketing – Seth Godin      

Permission marketing is one of the most popular books by a famous author Seth Godin. It instills basic marketing principles and shows a real picture of how modern day marketing and mass advertising is becoming less and less effective. It depicts the future marketing strategies and techniques that will be successful in the long run.

The Art of the Pitch – Peter Coughter

If you are aiming to improve your selling and presentation skills as an entrepreneur than we recommend this book to you. It will teach you the basic principles of communication and making presentations for the clients as well as pitches.

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