4 Must Visit Cities In China

Being an enormous country, China boasts of some of the most densely populated cities in the world. This country also has unique breathtaking land forms and subcultures. We have chosen the following cities for their ability to inspire tourists and their popularity.

1. Beijing

Beijing has been a special place for many visitors to China. Apart from having a long history, Beijing is also the home of such prominent architecture like the Bird’s Nest (national stadium), The Forbidden City and The Great Wall. For those who wish to visit some of the most breathtaking parts of imperial China, the city to visit is Beijing. Of course, Beijing Opera is a specialty here, and apart from the abundance of culture and history, nightlife in Sanlitun and Wudaokou among other places can guarantee you’ll always have fun.

2. Shanghai

Situated on the mouth of river Yangtze and the East China Sea, it’s the largest and most developed city in China. Shanghai’s skyline is filled with skyscrapers while luxurious hotels, prestigious art centers and shiny shopping malls rise alongside. Shanghai city nights represents western view of Chinese cities with numerous businesses, bustling cities and bright neon lights. In Shanghai, the Bund and Shanghai’s colonial riverfront are the most popular places to go while strolling. Although the appearance of the Bund has been significantly changed by levies, several architecturally significant constructions are not just adjacent to the strip but also still visible.

3. Xi’an

Are you interested in Buddhism and other older dynasties? In Xi’an, there are Qin and Tang Dynasties. Xi’an is also the home to Terra-Cotta Warriors, who are the most famous example of ancient China’s glory, and also the famous Huaqing Hot Springs and the magnificent Big Wild Goose Pagoda. Just like Beijing, you can’t turn a corner without coming across something mysterious and ancient. While in China, make sure you visit Xi’an because it’ll definitely give you the experience you’ll never forget.

4. Hong Kong

No place on earth can match the beauty of Hong Kong. It’s among the most significant economic and financial centers f the world. Hong Kong also enjoys all the advantages of a vibrant and dynamic metropolis.It’s also a fusion of cultures. The British culture and the remnants of its colonial past share space with the traditional Chinese culture. Once famously known for its eastern trade exotic port, today it’s famous for its movies.

It’s also a renowned shopping paradise, which is one of the main reasons to visit Hong Kong. It’s famous for its tourist-hospitality atmosphere and several options. The largest shopping malls of Admiralty, Central and the street fashion factory situated in Causeway Bay are good reasons for you to make your Hong Kong trip. In Hong Kong, there are also magnificent natural sights and beaches for outdoor lovers. For instance, Lantau Island offers a relaxing and conducive atmosphere for a holiday break.

Words only cannot convey the essence of this Chinese city. To appreciate this “Oriental London”, come to Hong Kong prepared for a fast-paced-eye-opener.


China is among the most visited destinations in the world, with more than 55 million tourists every year. Due to its unbelievable monuments, rich history, incredible towers and temples, China has become the top tourist attraction destination. Some of the best places to visit are Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an and Hong Kong.