4 Old School Cocktails For A Retro Party

Hosting a party that harkens back to the days of classic cocktails and that big band sound has become increasingly popular, but the right decorations, music and attire just aren’t enough to whisk guests away to a bygone era. The right cocktails are the magical element to a retro party theme. Try these four old school cocktails to give any party that classic feel:

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1. Martini, Straight-Up

The Martini is perhaps the world’s most classic cocktail. Not only does it look chic, but the sound and action of preparing this refreshing concoction can be a real show-stopper! Recipes vary, but the basic ingredients of a Martini, straight-up are vodka, dry vermouth, ice and an olive to garnish. Use a shaker with ice to chill the vodka and dry vermouth at a 3:1 ratio. Strain the contents into a glass and garnish with a skewered olive. Practice with the shaker before any guests arrive!

2. Old Fashioned

More than just a name, the look and taste of this classic is good for at least four decades of reverse time travel! Place a sugar cube in a glass and sprinkle with a few dashes of bitters and splash with club soda. Crush the contents of the glass, and then add a generous shot or two of whisky or bourbon. Garnishes range from a simple lemon wedge to elaborate fruit skewers or olives.

3. Mint Julep

This favorite of author William Faulkner can refresh guests on even the most sweltering Southern afternoon. Blend a tablespoon of simple syrup, a dozen young mint leaves and a few dashes of bitters. Bruise the mint gently. Pour a generous two shots of bourbon over the mixture. Fill a frosted glass with crushed ice and pour in the blended mixture. Top the glass off with an extra dash of bourbon. Serve with a straw and mint leaf garnish.

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4. Margarita

With countless versions of this classic in bars around the world, it’s hard to believe that the original version of this cocktail is so simple. Mix equal amounts of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice. Serve on the rocks with a lime garnish. This is a real, old-fashioned Margarita, a classic cocktail.

For an added touch of class, visit an antique store, consignment shop or retro store to add some classic barware to the cupboard for serving these cocktails. A retro Boston shaker or three-piece shaker can really give a Martini preparation some style, and have a spoon on hand for those who prefer their drinks stirred over shaken.

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