4 Quick Tips To Choose Shoes For Back Pain

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Back pain is a huge problem all over the world. About 50% of employees in the USA claim to suffer from back pain each year. There may be different causes of back pain, and footwear definitely plays an important role in the hip and spinal alignment as they form the base for the whole body.

As a result, back pain may start at your feet with the shoes you are wearing. In this article, we are going to find out about the connection between the annoying back pain and footwear.

The Link Between Shoes And Back Pain

Many women tend to wear stiletto shoes in order to look elegant and good-looking. It may seem that your feet are pretty far from your back and can’t affect it. However, they can significantly contribute to your back pain as well as fatigue and stress.

Back pain specialists and spine surgeons call it a kinetic chain when one part of your body affects other parts. Improper and inconvenient shoes can affect your gait, which results in bad arch support and more stress on your back.

Pay attention to the post about orthopedic shoes for women which can explain the benefits of wearing such footwear and tips for choosing stylish orthopedic shoes for those who want to keep up with fashion. You don’t have to sacrifice anything as nowadays there is so much fashionable and beautiful orthopedic footwear.

Is It Really Because Of Shoes?

As we’ve mentioned before, there may be multiple reasons for back pain, so don’t hesitate to see your doctor first. If your doctor can’t define the cause for your pain, then you need to prepare for an appointment with a podiatrist in order to get your feet, alignment and gait checked. Make a list of questions in advance. Also, bring all your X-rays and lab tests. Make sure to bring your footwear with you if your back pain gets worse when you walk or exercise.

The Pros And Cons Of Specialized Shoes

High heeled shoes can throw off alignment and increase strain and stress on the lower part of your back. At the same time, flip flops also aren’t a good idea for everyday usage as they only act like cushions to the foot but their lack of support can lead to heel, arch or even knee pain. Besides avoiding these types of footwear in your daily life, consider buying special orthopedic shoes that will prevent or ease your pain.

If you already have some sort of deformity on your feet, such footwear can be accommodated to your specific foot shape. After you start wearing these shoes regularly, your overall alignment will definitely improve and use muscles will be used more rationally and efficiently.

The price for such shoes may vary from several hundreds of dollars up to $1000, it depends on the craftsmanship and the manufacturer. Additionally, you may need to have your footwear modified in the future as your feet will start to change.

Best Shoes For Back Pain

When it comes to footwear designed primarily to reduce or ease the symptoms of hip, knee or back pain, there are several choices that will suit everybody’s taste and needs. The most important here is to concentrate on your personal problem and select the right shoes for your foot type.

For instance, running shoes are created to fight with many foot issues; they help with stability of the neutral arch and also serve as the cushions for your feet. Specially designed insoles or inserts may also help fight and relieve the back pain because they give extra foot support.

In other words, finding the right and comfortable footwear may help get rid of the annoying back pain and finally find relief.