4 Reasons Jamaica Should Be Your Next Beach Vacation Destination

So you’re sitting down to plan your next getaway from the city; work, stress, all of the above have just hit the point of no return, so it’s time to escape. Nothing sounds better to you than stretching out in a cabana chair sipping a cool drink with a funny little paper umbrella in it. You’ve been saving up your airline miles, so anything is possible. What about the Aegean Sea or the coast of Spain? Phuket and Sihanoukville are on the list. Then of course, the multitude of options that await right in the Caribbean. You should pass on all of them and head to Jamaica, and here are four good reasons why.

The Atmosphere Is One-Of-A-Kind

Jamaica has a very laid back culture where the people are hospitable even after almost a century of tourism. Jamaica isn’t something that is created for visitors, it’s an organic culture in which the tourists vibe right in harmony with the locals, everyone is happy and it’s infectious. The rich culinary tradition and world famous music is truly unique. The memory of sitting on the beach with a plate of jerk chicken washed down with a Red Stripe beer as a reggae beat plays is one you won’t soon forget.

It Has The Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

No matter which area of the island you visit, the beaches will truly amaze you. Nearly every coastal city in Jamaica has an inviting seashore for you to explore. Whether you go to the gorgeous lagoons at Frenchman’s Cove, walk the white sands of Seven Miles Beach, or explore the rocky coastline of Cosmos Beach, you’ll agree that nothing compares to the beaches of Jamaica.

The Best Beach Front Accommodations

Jamaica’s size and long tradition of welcoming tourism ensures you’ll find a vast array of choices as to where to stay all along the coast. You have accommodations that can fit into every budget, from the truly local Reggae Hostel and Welcoming Vibes Guesthouse to the five-star resorts which only the lucky can even dream of. Jamaica has definitely taken the lead in world-class boutique hotels that are popping up around the island, many of which include casinos for those of us who wish to try our luck on vacation.. The Trident Hotel on the northeast coast holds the recognition of being voted the number one luxury hotel in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor, with GOStyle voting it the coolest spot in all of Jamaica.

There Is So Much To Do

While you are welcome to spend the day watching the waves roll in, you’ll find there is an adventure for everyone both on and under the water! The reefs around Montego Bay and Negril are great places to learn to dive. Both new and experienced surfers alike will enjoy beaches like Boston and Bull Bays along the eastern tip of the island. You can always grab a kayak and explore the coastline if you’re not up for surfing just yet. Golfers will not be disappointed with the Caribbean’s best golf courses at Half Moon on Montego Bay or Negril Hills Golf Course at Bluefields Bay. For those who wish to go inland, there are many opportunities for rafting and trekking through the island’s diverse ecosystems.