4 Reasons To No More New Resolutions Again!

First of all ask yourself one important question, what happened to all those resolutions that you had made in the year 2016? Did you follow any of them? If yes, then be very proud of yourself and congratulations on your success. If no, then don’t worry, we all fall into this category of not sticking with the resolutions we had made for ourselves.

From losing those extra pounds to eating healthy to change careers, we decide to accomplish big goals when we enter a new year. But what happens ultimately? We ditch all of them and go back to our normal routine. So here I am giving you 4 reasons as to Why you shouldn’t set a new year’s resolution? Better than wasting your time on making a new year resolution, go travel. Now with cheap air tickets, you can start planning to visit beautiful destinations and make some good memories for this grand new year instead of focusing on new year goals.

The Resolutions Are Usually Too Big

It’s true that you shouldn’t let anyone convince you that your dreams are too big. But wait, you should only focus on short term goals. Why? Because in middle of so many distractions, short term goals can be easily achieved. It is an excellent way to manage your time and gain success. So making big resolutions will not help you in anyway.

Most of the Times You Are Not Ready

To follow the resolutions or say any decision in life, you should be ready both mentally and physically. If you feel, there is a lack of motivation in you; the time is not right, and you are not willing to take the plunge. STOP! It’s ok, start whenever you are ready! The world can wait. You shouldn’t force yourself to make changes in your life just because it’s a new year.
So Much Ambition But No Motivation

The main reason that we all fail to keep our resolutions is lack of motivation. Most of us make resolutions because everyone else is doing it. Be it on social media platforms or in real life, everyone has to follow the same pattern. This just gives us the initial push and then we all lose our motivation. Goals should be set when you are ready to change something in your life. It cannot be forced! Once you decide what is that you want to achieve, you will become motivated. Social acceptance shouldn’t be the base of your goal.

It May Not Be The Right Time

Making resolutions for the new year is fun, isn’t it? Writing down all the things you wish to change your life, it somehow makes you happy! But remember something, you shouldn’t rush yourself into something when the time is not right. Though new year feels like the perfect time to make such decisions but trusts me, everything has a perfect time in life. So wait for yours, don’t rush things up.
Now you know, Why you shouldn’t set a new year’s resolution? Do it once you are ready, and if not, then it’s ok! Happy new year.