4 Serious Health Conditions You Might Not Even Notice

It’s always important to be diligent about your health. Going to the doctor at the first potential sign of a problem could potentially mean the difference between life and death as early detection is often the key to combating a variety of different health issues. Unfortunately, there are also a number of health problems that many people have without being aware of, which makes it essential that you pay attention to the potential signs to ensure that none of these problems wreak havoc on your life.


Approximately 7% of Americans suffer from depression in any given year. Unfortunately, many of these cases go undiagnosed. The problem is that many people, and especially men, tend to pass off symptoms of depression as nothing more than feelings of sadness or dissatisfaction. However, the truth is that depression is a disease, which means that generally, the only way to treat it is through medical help. Therefore, it is essential that you or any loved ones seek out professional help should you begin to experience prolonged feelings of unhappiness, unexplainable sadness or suicidal thoughts.


Sometimes referred to as the ‘silent disease,’ Osteoporosis slowly weakens the bones and causes them to become more brittle and more prone to breaking. Unfortunately, the only way that many people learn that they have the condition is after they’ve broken their hip, leg or other bones. Elderly women are especially prone, but osteoporosis can also strike men. For this reason, it is important that everyone makes sure to get enough calcium. As well, older people should also consider having their bone mineral density tested occasionally in order to detect signs of osteoporosis before it leads to broken bones.

Eating Disorders

Like depression, many people with eating disorders go undiagnosed for long periods of time. The problem is that, as a mental disorder, most people are either very good at convincing themselves they don’t have an eating disorder or too afraid to admit it. This is especially true for those suffering from anorexia. While it may be tougher to convince yourself that the binging and purging that accompanies bulimia isn’t an issue, anorexia is altogether a different problem.

Although you may simply think that you’re trying to watch what you eat, if you’re not eating enough calories to sustain yourself properly, you technically qualify as an anorexic. Unfortunately, most eating disorders are related to body-image issues, which means that sufferers tend to require psychological help from facilities like Center for Change to get over these issues in order to permanently and fully overcome the eating disorder.

Chlamydia and Other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chlamydia, herpes, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases are all fairly common, and unfortunately, many people that have these diseases are fully unaware of it. Not everyone who gets an STD will show symptoms, which means you could easily have one without knowing it. Luckily, some STDs can be cured, while most others can be managed through medication. This makes it vital that you get regularly tested for HIV and other STDs. It also begs repeating that you should practice safe sex and always use protection as you could end up unintentionally passing something onto your partner.

The keys to living a long, healthy life aren’t just related to eating right and exercising. Monitoring your overall health is just as important as working to protect and improve it. This means making sure to go to the doctor at the first sign of a problem and paying attention for the signs of these and any other potential health problems.