4 Simple Steps To Make Your Next Event A Success

Planning an event does not have to be so complicated that you end up a nervous wreck. You can use a 4 step approach to achieve success.

1. Selecting the date for your function.

Select a day and time most convenient for your guests. Weekends are ideal for working adults and children. When the event is planned for the outdoors consider the possibility of foul weather. If moving everything indoors is not an option consider renting a tent that will keep everyone comfortable and not cut short the gathering.

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2. Invitations

Unless your personal preference is to hand address each invitation, today’s etiquette allows for either pre-addressed labels or email communications. Using the post office means collecting all the home addresses, buying the invitations, filling in the event data on each card, addressing each envelop, using stamps, mailing the invitations and then waiting for the replies.

Sending electronic invitations is as convenient as regular email communications, something over 98% of us do everyday. Your guests receive their invitation rapidly and securely. They can also reply just as rapidly with an Accept or Regret. For those few individuals who do not use a computer there is still the post office method.

3. Menu

Deciding on what and how much to serve, when and where to get the refreshments and how much time is needed for food preparations leaves you with several options. You can handle everything yourself. This option puts you under pressure to precisely schedule every detail. Another path is to include everyone in the plans. Each guest can bring one dish to share. This option ensures that everyone will have a personal favorite while giving others the chance to taste something new. An electronic invitation can include a chart where guests can list the dish they’ll bring so that not a lot of people bring the same food. You will handle all the set ups like paper products, flatware, drinks, cups, ice, condiments, bowls and trays.

If you don’t want to ask guests to bring food and you don’t have the time to manage the entire menu yourself, there is another option…have the affair catered. Catering does not have to cost a lot. Caterers can be your best asset for a successful event. They have the experience to suggest what foods work best depending on the gathering. The caterer will arrive early, set up the food, have wait staff and a bartender if needed, clean up at the end and haul the trash away.

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4. Recording the Event

If photography is not one of your talents you do have options. One option is to ask a friend to take digital pictures and recordings of the event. The other option is to hire a photographer. After the event the pictures and recordings can be placed on the internet for everyone to enjoy. You can mail a few pictures to those guests without computers.

You can plan an event in 4 simple steps and know that at the end of the day you will be happy with your well planned and successful function.

Written by ezCater.com, providing Oklahoma City catering as well as Atlanta GA, and many other locations since 2008.