4 Tips For A Budget-Conscious Relocation

The time has finally come to relocate, and your mind is swirling with all of the different tasks that must be completed before the big day arrives.

Rather than becoming overwhelmed by an insurmountable moving list and the seemingly requisite costs, don’t panic.

Take a deep breath and read on to discover how to relocate effectively, even on a budget.

1) Seek Out Packing Supplies from Unexpected Sources

One of the first things you can do to cut down on expenses is to decide to do all of the actual packing yourself.

While purchasing lots of special supplies can prove to be costly in the end, there are alternatives to spending an arm and a leg.

Go to grocery stores, home improvement businesses and wine/spirits retailers to see if they are discarding any boxes. Often, they will give you perfectly good ones free of charge.

You can also use things other than expensive bubble wrap and packing peanuts to protect your belongings. Newspaper and old mail circulars work just fine, as do the towels and blankets you already own.

2) Comparison Shop Between Companies

If you are thinking of hiring some assistance for your transportation and/or packing, it’s best to shop around before settling. Get quotes (particularly binding estimates, if possible) from at least three different businesses before choosing the one you will hire.

Sometimes simply taking time to identify the best deal can save you dozens or even hundreds of dollars in the long run.

3) Purge Before Packing

Regardless of whether you’re going full service or DIY, the first priority on everyone’s task list should be to get rid of unwanted/unused possessions before packing.

The reason for this is twofold: not only will you make it easier to pack/unpack with fewer belongings, but you may also be able to get a better deal with less stuff to transport.

4) Consider Pods & Other Alternatives to Full-Service Movers

Sometimes we simply don’t want to deal with moving and storage alone, and if you’re in that mode, it’s OK. However, for those trying to save money, there are a few alternatives to full-service companies or renting trucks/vans that you must drive.

Storage pods are one option. They allow you to do the packing yourself, but someone else transports your container. This can be good for those going a long distance or those who don’t want to drive big vehicles.

Basic movers are another choice. In this scenario, you will typically pack and prep your own possessions, but someone else does the heavy lifting and driving.

You may also be able to get just the heaviest things transported by professionals – ask about pricing for various scenarios.

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