4 Tips For Eating Healthy Mexican Food

Although many people enjoy the exotic flavor of Mexican food, a lot of popular Mexican dishes are full of fat and calories, making it easy to quickly blow through your diet without even eating a large entree. However, there are ways to make relatively healthy decisions when dining at a Mexican restaurant or preparing Mexican food at home. Keep these four tips in mind next time you decide to enjoy Mexican cuisine to feel full and satisfied without blowing your diet.

1. Skip The Chips
The tortilla chips that are served at most Mexican restaurants are fried in oil, making them incredibly fattening. Cheese dip is also loaded with fat and calories. By pigging out on chips and cheese or bean dip, you have already consumed tons of fat and calories before you even start on your meal, so it is best to avoid the chips entirely.
2. Crispy Equals Fattening
In a Mexican restaurant, nearly everything that is crispy is also fattening. Hard shell tacos are usually fried, and quesadillas are the Mexican equivalent of a grilled cheese sandwich — not particularly healthy. A soft corn tortilla is your best option, although soft flour tortillas are far more healthy than the crispier choices.
3. Pig Out On Salsa
Salsa is one of the healthiest things that you can order at a Mexican restaurant. Filled with veggies, salsa is not only healthy, but it is also low in fat. Since salsa is packed with lots of flavor, you can use it to replace more fattening toppings when eating Mexican food. Choose to spice up your dinner with salsa instead of cheese, guacamole, sour cream and other fattening options.
4. Choose Your Filling Carefully
When filling up your soft taco, think carefully about the fillings that you choose. Along with skipping cheese and sour cream, it is also a good idea to say no to Mexican rice or refried beans as both are high in fat and calories. Make sure to choose a lean meat — grilled chicken or shrimp are tasty and healthy options — and never ask for extra meat when ordering. Instead, consider filling up your taco with healthy and satisfying fillings. Along with plenty of salsa, pile your taco high with lettuce, tomato, onions and other veggies. The vegetables will make your taco very satisfying, and you can feel good in knowing that you have made healthy choices instead of overindulging.
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