4 Tips For Planning A Motorcycle Road Trip With A Group Of Friends

4 Tips For Planning A Motorcycle Road Trip With A Group Of Friends

Planning a motorcycle trip with a group of friends is fun and peaceful as you envision the open road and beautiful sights. Proper planning ensures you’ll have a great experience. Here are four tips for planning a motorcycle trip with friends.

Map a Route

Pick a destination then map a route. It can be fun to choose roads with beautiful views instead of finding the fastest way to get to your destination. Flat, boring interstate isn’t as fun as small highways and backroads. These also have a smaller amount of traffic. Look up routes with curves and great scenery.

Designate a Leader

Take the time to designate a place for each person. The leader will be the one to set the pace of the trip. They’ll decide when it’s the best time to pull over to break or get gas. Everyone has a place in the line of bikes. It’s important each person knows where they fit best to stay up to speed and pay attention. The person at the end of the line is just as important as the leader. They have to be able to maintain speed even if they’re usually a slower driver. You’re driving as a pack so it’s important to all stay close together.

Pack Light

Thoughtful packing makes all the difference with a small vehicle. You don’t want to take huge suitcases that weigh you down. Pick out the things you really need. Take a few changes of clothing, but don’t go overboard. Think of the worst-case scenario with the weather. Pack a set of rain gear and a small tire-repair kit. You don’t need to pack like you’re going on a cruise. Take the least amount of things that will get you by. A bunch of random luggage will just throw you off balance and weigh you down as you go down the road.

Tune Your Bike

Your bike should be updated with maintenance for your trip. Check your tire tread to ensure it is at its safest levels. Watch out for the tire pressure. Check the oil to make sure it’s been recently changed. Your brake fluid should also be at a good amount. Make sure everything mechanical is in perfect working condition.

Safety is your first priority. Slip on your helmet, turn up your music and hit the road with friends ready for a great time. If you need more information and want to be prepared in case of an emergency, contact a lawyer like Iron Horse Motorcycle Lawyers for help.