4 Types Of Luggage You’ll Want To Bring For International Travel

4 Types Of Luggage You'll Want To Bring For International Travel

The logistics of international travel can be hectic. Even if the journey is exciting, one thing most people don’t want to worry about is how their luggage will hold up or if they have the right type. There are some basics you may want to look for in this type of luggage, but many companies offer choices with a wide variety of options.

International Carry-On Sizes

One thing some people stress over when they travel internationally is the size of their preferred carry-on bag. It doesn’t help that some airlines have their own standards for the maximum size that they allow one to take with them. Although you can usually check a specific airline’s policies regarding carry-on sizes before you go on a trip, you can also purchase special luggage to minimize the risk of not having the size that you need. Some manufacturers label their luggage as suitable for international carry-on. While this label is not a guarantee, it usually means the item is smaller than normal.

Protective Bags

A person needs different types of luggage depending on where in the world they are going and what they’re doing when they get there. However, your carry-ons tend to get the worst of the exposure to the elements no matter where you go. The essentials that you keep on your person during the majority of the trip will need a secure bag or backpack that can withstand wind, rain, heat, and long hours of carry. Something like a waterfowl hunting backpack can help you carry your things on your shoulders comfortably while also keeping your belongings safe. The fact that such backpacks are made for hunting makes them extra durable, comfortable for long hours of wear, and will keep your items secure from falling out or general damage, making it a perfect carry-on travel bag.

Travel Trunks

A large trunk may not be what springs to mind when one thinks of international travel. At one point, trunks were a common way to pack several things for a long journey. This type of luggage still has its uses today. If you are anticipating a long stay overseas and need to bring many things with you, taking a trunk on your journey could be just what you need. They usually feature compartments that you can use to keep your items organized. Some have profiles that allow them to fit unobtrusively in a corner or underneath a bed.

Wheeled Cases

If you know that you’ll need to hop between several planes or trains, a case with wheels is an excellent choice. Many travel containers include wheels, and they can help ensure that you’re able to move between your connections as swiftly as possible.

The right bag or case means that you won’t have to suffer any ambiguity when you show up for your flight. If you’re hopping several budget airlines and don’t want to pay for an overhead bin, you can also look for roomy overnight bags.