4 Unique Nursing Jobs

There are many job opportunities for nurses that go beyond the bedside. There are unique nursing jobs where health care professionals can combine their work with other areas of interest. Nurses who do not opt to work in hospitals and other medical facilities can actually find a good job in different areas. Nowadays, companies in almost all industries need nurses in the workplace to ensure employee health. Nurses still perform basic nursing care. The only difference is the environment where they work.

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1. Flight Nursing
Flight nursing is one of the most unique nursing jobs available today. These nurses are highly skilled and trained before they can get into this area of specialization. They generally work with respiratory practitioners and flight medics. This challenging and exciting nursing job requires nurses to provide emergency and critical care for patients during rescue operations or aeromedical evacuation. Care is given aboard helicopters, jets and propeller aircraft.
These nursing jobs are quite unique in the sense that flight nurses deal with unexpected situations. They have to ensure that patients survive and reach the hospital. They go to different places and meet patients with unique medical cases. Delivering patients safely gives them a rewarding and fulfilling nursing experience. This job requires special training and certification.
2. Cruise Ship Nursing
Cruise ship nursing combines medical practice and leisure. The majority of nurses would surely opt for this job if they are given the chance. Cruise ship nurses have the opportunity to travel to different places for free and get paid. Many cruise ship nurses get the chance to set foot in exotic places that they would not see otherwise.
Additionally, cruise ship nurses can meet all sorts of people. This is great for nurses who love to sail for many days. They get free accommodation, food and other benefits. However, these nurses also have a lot of responsibilities. They must ensure that everyone on the ship is in good medical condition. When emergencies arise, cruise ship nurses provide immediate care until the patient reaches the hospital. Like flight nurses, cruise ship nurses should also ensure that patients receive appropriate care.
3. Travel Nursing
Travel nursing has also become more popular these days as the demand for nurses increases. Travel nursing has opened opportunities for nurses who want to work away from home. Travel nurses can work in places near their location and even abroad depending on the agency they are affiliated with. These nursing jobs are unique because nurses do not stay long in one place. They are only called to fill shortages in nursing staff that may be caused by vacation leave or emergency resignations.
Travel nursing is an exciting job because these professionals have to work in different facilities and deal with new medical teams and patients all the time. With this, travel nurses gain a large social and professional network. They are also given the chance to handle unique medical cases. However, travel nursing may not be a good choice for nurses with children as they can be sent to other places any time.
4. Medical Writer and Researcher
Nurses who have the skill and passion for writing can have a successful career as a medical writer or researcher. They may work for a hospital, trade journal, medical marketing company or a research firm. Nurses with this talent can actually make a good living by creating or editing specialized medical copy.
Writing medical copy requires the expertise of either a nurse or a doctor. However, these medical professionals should also be knowledgeable about grammar and communication skills. They should be keen with technical details. Additionally, they should have excellent organizational skills and be able to work alone comfortably. Being a medical writer does not necessarily require special training. However, these professionals should have a strong background in medical writing.
Anne Walden is a pediatric nurse and guest author at Best MPH Programs, a site with guides and reviews to help prospective students choose an MPH program.