4 Useful Free Cloud Services

Let’s take a look at 4 free cloud services to help your tech life operate more smoothly. With the cloud you can do a number of things like store files, backup data, and share images. Anything you do where the data is not based on your hard drive can be considered operating in the cloud. So your favorite email server like Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail are all cloud services. Places where you backup your files like iCloud or SkyDrive are also cloud backup services. And each day there are more and more uses for the Cloud. One day your home PC will be replaced by a cloud computing system. Check out these 4 free cloud services.
Dropbox is probably the most popular and best service. Dropbox creates a folder on your PC, synchronize the containing files and folders automatically with the cloud. The special thing about it is that there really is a client for almost any platform that synchronizes the data. Whether Linux, Mac, Windows, Android, BlackBerry, IOS, etc. everything is going. You can even synchronize the data can be on their server!
CloudApp is for Mac users and the windows application is called FluffyApp. CloudApp makes it easy to share all types of files including images, music, video, and documents. Simply drag and drop the files to a clipboard. Users on the other end will be able to access these files. Think of it like Instant Messanger for files.
With Evernote, it is possible to write notes on many devices and then edit them in one central location in the cloud. This service is great for storing any quick notes you take on your mobile devices like the iPad.
Spotify is not really a cloud service, but rather an onDemand music service. With Spotify you have a huge selection of music, you can create your own playlists and much more. People love this service as it makes a lot of music available free of charge and there is a good alternative to the service Grove Shark. The only drawback is that you listen to the music requires an Internet connection for mobile devices and you have to grow a premium package, which is chargeable.
Hopefully these new cloud service will be of use to you in your daily life. With the huge growth of cloud computing, there will be many companies offering free services to make you life easier and more productive.
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