4 Ways The Swindon Economy Helps Your Business Grow

4 Ways The Swindon Economy Helps Your Business Grow

When you are looking for a place to locate your new business, or a location for a business expansion or launch of a new branch, take a closer look at one town in the UK that is increasingly making a name for itself as a particularly productive and economically viable place to do business. Did you know that Swindon, in the south west, is within the top 10 highly innovative areas in the UK, according to a BIS survey in 2011? The economy in Swindon is thriving, and you can take advantage of several features of this economy in order to build a strong and profitable business in the UK.

  1. You’re in Good Company

It may surprise you to learn that many big businesses have already chosen Swindon as their location for expansion or set-up. But considering that London is increasingly expensive and difficult for employees to sustain a healthy work-life balance, perhaps it is not so much of a shock that places like Swindon instead reap the benefits. Swindon has the National Trust, Honda, First Great Western, the UK Space Agency, English Heritage, WH Smith, Motorola, Zurich, Nationwide Building Society, and the BMW Group among its residents. The top ranking business in Swindon is Intel, followed by RWE npower.

  1. Smaller Start-Ups Also Thrive

If you are not quite the size of Intel but you are building a similarly innovative and exciting tech company, Swindon provides a great environment to set up and grow. Entrepreneurs are common in Swindon, where various business initiatives and a general culture of development helps people get their ideas off the ground.

  1. Range of Sectors and Industries

One of the benefits of locating Swindon offices in this town is the variety of industry and business sectors that ensure the economy is broad and strong. The manufacturing sector is healthy, especially compared to other areas of the UK, and there is also growth in smaller, niche sectors such as design tech and computer innovation. Other sectors with a presence in the town include engineering, life sciences, alternative energy, information technology, and financial services. Swindon also benefits from a lower dependency on public sector employment than the UK as a whole, which helps to sustain this variety of job and industry sectors.

  1. Good Work-Life Balance

When you operate a company from Swindon you can attract employees with the often-elusive promise of work-life balance. The proximity to larger cities as well as the countryside gives the best of both worlds, and the atmosphere and benefits of living in Swindon provide a better quality of life than in many places more expensive such as London or large cities like Bristol. People working in Swindon officesenjoy a good balance of leisure time compared to time in the office and commuting, making jobs in Swindon suitable for families and people who want to have a life outside their work.