4 Ways To Destroy Your iPhone-Low Tech Approach

“Why would I destroy my iPhone on purpose?” you ask. “What a silly question!” we say. With a new model just around the corner and with your old iPhone working perfectly, you should find a good excuse to get a new one without razing any suspicions. There is only one life and you deserve the latest models and the most expensive gadgets.
Before you decide to go this way do not forget to save all of your files on other device; images, phone numbers etc.

Going Wild in the Club
If you definitely decided to say goodbye to your iPhone but you want to do it with a bang, you should call your buddies and go to your favorite club. Once you’re there act as if everything is cool, and as if you can’t live without your iPhone. When the club gets crowded hit the dance floor with your iPhone in the hand. Start waving your head, your hips and hands, go wild! You will be the star of the club, and at one moment just drop the iPhone on the floor; no one will notice. Someone will find it early in the morning, laying down on the dance floor, all smashed and looking sad.
Join the Army
If all you need is a dry bed, 3 meals per day and new iPhone this is your next step. Call the recruitment center and tell them you want to join the army, you want to feel like a real man, you want to feel the smell of the burned iPhone early in the morning. Once you’re there reach out for a tank, place the iPhone on the caterpillar tracks and leave it there until someone decides to run the engine; the rest is the history. The only thing you have to think about now is how to leave the army and buy new iPhone model.
Base Jumping
Adrenalin running through your veins is the only thing that can beat holding new iPhone in your hands and that’s how you will get rid of your old model. You will choose an insanely high point and jump off of it, but you will take your iPhone and chat via ooVoo with your friends while you’re doing it! You can either choose some bridge, skyscraper or a cliff, it’s your choice. We suggest cliff because even if your iPhone survive this fall (no chance) you will have hard time finding it in the wilderness. So, take a jump while having video conferencing. You will look awesome and brave (all the way until you decide to drop the phone by “accident”). At that point you will look like a…well let’s say everyone will think that it was just bad luck.
Stuff the Turkey
You’re the master of the Turkey filling and you don’t allow anyone to do it instead of you. You’re doing it for the last 20 years and you’re going to do it this year as well. That’s why everybody should leave the kitchen and let the master prepare this secret recipe. Once everyone leaves the kitchen stuff the Turkey with the secret recipe and add iPhone as well, but don’t forget to turn off the sound. You wouldn’t like ring tone to unveil your cunning plan. Twenty minutes later ask with a surprise on your face- “Oh Geez, can someone ring me? I can’t seem to find my iPhone.” We don’t believe iPhone will live more than 15 minutes in the oven. Downside of this plan is that you can expect some pretty bad reactions since most of the guests will probably be hungry as wolves.
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