4 Ways To Keep Your Carpet Looking New

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No matter how many stain resistant guarantees new carpets come with, in reality, wear and tear will end up making even the newest of carpets look old over a matter of time. If you have carpets in your home or business, check out the four tips below to help keep your carpets in tip-top shape.

Tip #1: Understand the Carpet

Knowing what damages carpet plays a huge part in keeping it looking its best. The thing that hurts carpets the most is foot traffic; this means that areas of carpets that are traveled the most, including stairways and hallways, will be the first to show damage. In order to mitigate this type of damage, a person has several options.

  • Option A: By moving around furniture, a person can change the areas of carpets that receive the most foot traffic. Moving furniture around also helps reduce the number of divots that carpets have.
  • Option B: By laying down rugs over areas of carpet that endure high foot traffic, a person can reduce the wear and tear damage.
  • Option C: For people who are having carpet installed, it is best to put some type of heavy underlay under the sections of carpet that will have high foot traffic.

Tip #2: Use Carpet Sprays

Air fresheners and other types of carpet sprays are excellent at mitigating the smell of carpets that have become musty due to dirt and pollens. When carrying out this tip, it is imperative to remember that the sprays will not completely eliminate carpet odors. In order to rid of the smells, a person should have his or her carpets professionally cleaned and shampooed.

Tip #3: Eliminating Stains

It is always best to deal with stains as soon as they take place; however, it is not uncommon for a stain to go unnoticed. If a stain is noticed after it has occurred, it is best to use some type of detergent to break it down. In addition, the detergent should be mixed with cold water. After the stain has been scrubbed with water and detergent, it is best to soak up as much water as possible, then apply baking soda to the stained spot. Once the baking soda has sat overnight, it can then be vacuumed. Be careful when using commercial stain removers because using too much of a product can cause a stain to worsen.

Tip #4: Use Professional Cleaners

No matter how well a person takes care of his or her carpets, there is no way to keep them completely clean. Even if spills and stains are cleaned up as soon as they occur, they will still sink into the underside of carpets. In order to break down and completely remove dust, dirt, dander, stains, etc., it is pertinent to have carpets professionally steamed, shampooed, and dry-cleaned on an annual basis. Hiring a professional is important because he or she understands the ins-and-outs of cleaning carpets. He or she also has the type of high-powered cleaning machines that it takes to thoroughly and effectively clean carpets.

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