4 Ways To Make Your Next International Airport Experience Simpler

4 Ways To Make Your Next International Airport Experience Simpler

If you’re traveling through an international airport, you may be worried about some of the challenges that you may face. From different rules and procedures to different layouts and languages, international airports can be intimidating places. Fortunately, you can make things easier on yourself by following these four helpful tips to make your next international airport experience simpler.

Learn Some Native Words and Phrases

Many international airports have signage that’s both in English and the native language as well as bilingual attendants who can answer questions, but this isn’t always the case. Learning the words for exit, gates and toilets in the native language can help you get around the airport easier. You should also learn how to read and ask for directions to the security checkpoint in the native language so that you won’t have to scramble finding it and risk missing your flight.

Familiarize Yourself with the Airport’s Layout

International airports in major cities are known to be particularly large and can be confusing places to navigate. Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and Heathrow Airport in London are among the notorious international airports with intricate layouts. You can familiarize yourself with the airport’s layout by looking at a map online before you arrive.

Make Your Luggage Easily Identifiable

Suitcases and other bags often look alike and can easily get lost in international airports. You’ll have a better chance of preventing this problem by finding clever ways to distinguish your luggage from other people’s pieces. A custom engraved luggage tag often makes identifying a bag easier. Tying a ribbon or scarf to a suitcase or placing colorful stickers on a bag can also help a luggage piece stand out from others.

Learn the Airport’s Protocols

Different airports have different rules for how things are done, and not knowing some specific rules can cause more confusion for you. If you’re just passing through the airport while on your way to another international destination, it’s important to learn at which airport you’ll need to go through customs. Some international airports are also known to have different security rules, and learning the specific rules for the airport you’ll be headed to can save you a lot of time, hassle and embarrassment.

Traveling through an international airport doesn’t have to be a scary experience if you know what to expect. Making the proper preparations in advance can help you get in and out of the airport with ease.