4 Ways To Protect Your Skin At The Beach

In recent years we have grown conscious of the massive risks that sun exposure represents. However, the beach is still an excellent way to have fun, relax and get some exercise. Since no one wants to avoid the beach forever, here are four ways that you can protect your skin while still having some fun in the sun.

1. Keep sunscreen on at all times.
Too often people wait until they get to the beach to slather on the sunscreen, but this is after they have already been exposed to the sun for some time. Instead, sun screen should be applied and have fully dried before any sun exposure. Care must be taken to reapply regularly per the directions on the bottle, as well as after you get wet. Sunscreen is not helpful at all if it is no longer there!
2. Use the right sunscreen.
Your sunscreen should be at least SPF15, with SPF30 being preferred. Do not use sunscreens or tanning oils that have with SPF5 or SPF10. However, bigger numbers do not always mean better. Studies have shown that anything above SPF30 isn’t significantly better than SPF30, though naturally it can’t hurt.
3. Avoid direct sunlight.
When at all possible, you should attempt to keep your skin out of direct sunlight. Large hats, umbrellas, tents and even a cluster of well-placed palm trees can be extremely useful for this. For women, using a sarong or large cover-up can reduce the amount of skin exposed directly to sunlight, as well as being fashionable.
4. Take note of the time.
The beach should be avoided during the peak sun hours, which are generally between 1:00PM – 4:00PM. The sun’s rays are at its strongest during these hours. Remember that the sun is most dangerous at the beach because the sand and water both act as reflective surfaces. This means that when you are at the beach you are being exposed to far more sun than you would be anywhere else at the same time.
There are few things as relaxing as a day at the beach, and no one wants to spend it worrying about the damage to their skin. By following these simple rules, you can focus on having fun rather than your health. However, keep in mind that sun exposure is dangerous, and that you should always take steps to reduce exposure when at all possible. Even casual exposure to the sun can eventually have a devastating effect in those with a predisposition towards skin cancers.

Written by the health experts at CompressionStocking.co, the worlds leading compression stocking store.