50mm lens for vlogging

But all we are sure is 16mm is great for vlogging and video work. The best feature of a prime 50mm lens … 3- Killer Photos. For this article, I selected the 6 best vlogging lenses for EF and EF-S Canon cameras. So, follow along as you are guided through the journey of finding the perfect Canon Lenses for your vlogging … The f/1.8 variant is the cheapest, while versions with wider apertures are accordingly more expensive. The 50mm lens is beautiful svelte and lighter in weight, but the f/1.8 version is lighter than the faster 50mm lens f/1.4 and f/1.2 because of their structure. (equal to 52.5mm in full-frame) When you go for 50mm… This is the best vlogging lens … (equal to 24mm in full-frame) Zooming around 35mm will make it a fantastic street photography lens. As an added bonus, I’ve even listed the most useful focal lengths and different budget ranges for vlogging. The 50mm lens is not just a signature Canon Prime lens, but is offered by all major manufacturers.

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