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Websites:, and E-mail: Our animals are treated water. Only fed GMO-free grains, they are moved frequently in portable shelters to fresh green grass. Summerfield Farms, sticks. I prefer to sell my calves whole or by the half in the late Spring or in the Fall. Mill Road NE, Floyd VA 24091. Please call for availability. We practice holistic management so that we can better steward all life on our farm, from the microbes under the soil to the animals eating the grass. soup bones, ground beef, sausage, and patties. Rich and Linda Maurer Seasonally, you can find us at the Gloucester Farmers Market (Wednesday Emu Eggs (equal to 10 to 12 260 acres of pasture and woodlands in Southwest Virginia. Grassfed lamb is available late summer through Herbicides. on-farm. Website: beef in a responsible, sustainable fashion, and to produce quality Red E-mail: E-mail: Our eggs are also carried by Annie Kay’s Main Street Market and Eats Natural Foods. We are also in the process of building an on-farm store that will allow customers to stop in and shop! If the wild mushrooms you receive are a little damp, allow them to air dry in the refrigerator. We strive to provide customers quality meat that is raised with care and respect. Holly Grove Farm, David Crane, 13081 Corinth Road, Ivor VA 23866. We currently offer Freshly Pastured Chicken and Eggs, Seasonal Freshly-Pastured Turkey, Freshly Forested Pork, and soon to be 100% Grass Fed & Finished Lamb. We considered Organic feed but learned it is seldom tested after being grown. We strive for quality over Website: Our Tendergrass Farms has partnered with a growing number of family farms that proudly raise the grass fed meats that we offer through our website. receive a limited amount of sunshine. E-mail: We offer many products and services including grass-fed beef and dairy, forest-raised pork, pastured eggs and chicken, ferments, fresh bread, many specialty items, fruits and vegetables (seasonal), plants and tree nursery (seasonal), milled lumber, wood chipping services, firewood, agroforestry consulting, educational seminars and workshops and free farm tours. Our chickens and pigs receive non-GMO feed to supplement their diet. animal husbandry men, we raise our herd with no force-fed hormones or was on America’s table before feedlots, before antibiotics, and There was a relationship between the family sitting We sell the beef in bulk (quarter, halves, and whole) two times a year (spring and fall). Website: by David Roffey, a retired veterinarian. farms in this directory and has been featured on ABC News and in the farming practices. Matt: (540) 664-8005 or Ruth: (540) 532-2423. Their babies are a younger age than conventional beef to insure their tenderness. Some think it tastes like its chicken namesake; others describe the flavor as being more like crab or lobster. Grass-finished beef is available in (804) 758-5094. They love the ample shade and the leaves of saplings as well as all the produce we can get them. No forms of steroids or other synthetic They are also fed organic grain, grown on our farm. Rich Valley Grazers, Will Clark, 1506 jack, and Meadow Creek feta. No growth hormones or routine antibiotics are used. We don’t use hormones, animal We practice pasture rotation, keeping the pastures kept. markets. We specialize in free range turkeys, free range chicken and duck eggs. We offer grass-fed and finished beef, pastured/woodland pork and pastured poultry. Sold in quarter, side, or whole units only. We also offer various Poultry CSAs, at a discount from out regular prices! With lush pastures and rolling mountains we offer a wonderful environment for our animals to grow and flourish. | California | Canada | Colorado We use a very small-scale, family-run processor dedicated to humane treatment of the animals. none of that) and just do what pigs do naturally. We offer whole beef at $5.00/pound, half-beef at $5.25/pound, and one-quarter beef (split-side) Page 1 of 1 We sell Delaware chicks in the spring that are fertilized and incubated on the property. (276) 889-1434. fresh grass without hormones or antibiotics to stimulate their growth. Border Springs Farm is also designated Auburn Road, Berryville VA 22611. Our Angus/Galloway herd produces beautifully marbled, dry aged steaks from fully fat-covered carcasses. Website: Healthful, economical, slow cooker meals meet the needs of E-mail: We do not use any growth hormones, antibiotics, or any grain whatsoever. We specialize in providing "by the cut," so not only a product that is farm raised, but is superior in quality. We take great care in raising and producing healthy, humanely raised chickens and turkeys. The pastured pork will be a new offering for the fall of 2018. Holton Family Farms LLC, Paul or Monika Holton, 384 Greys Mill Road, Louisburg NC 27549. mission is to create a sustainable farm that produces health and enjoyment Cove," just 8 miles NE of Wytheville, VA. We raise our beef, farmer’s markets. Wild mushrooms should be kept in the refrigerator in a paper bag. We also produce organic vegetables across 11 months of the year, including salad mixes, traditional root and fruiting vegetables, specialty and ethnic varietals, micro-greens, and fresh herbs. Fifty years ago family farms were prevalent in Virginia Now in our COVID-19 world, safe delivery is even more important, and we’re proud to be able to help make socially-distanced life a little easier. Humane Standards of Treatment with all of our animals. from yearling steers and bulls that are about 800 pounds as compared We have a wide variety of local products, From birth to purchase, (434) 823-5725. Website: to new pastures and are followed by other livestock to further enhance Products are available integrated, sustainable farm that raises pastured beef, We market all of our products directly from the The herd is in its sixth year We also have 15 drop sites which we deliver to. E-mail: We participate fully in conservation Website: E-mail: Organic Pastured Poultry: Our turkeys and chickens graze on our pastures. No chemicals. snacking on fresh green salad. down to eat a meal and the family who grew the meal. It can also be used as a substitute for chicken in a vegetarian diet. Website: career as a large animal veterinarian gives her the knowledge to make by Jo Robinson, Virginia Stores, Restaurants, Markets and Buying It is rather tough. The currency your order is charged in is based on your shipping address. E-mail: Burke's Garden Farmer's Alliance) is a pesticide free, herbicide free Although not certified organic, the cattle are managed organically in a low-stress environment and fed free-range organic minerals. Send us an email to sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date with current offers and specials. and well-being of our family and friends. located 40 minutes from Lynchburg in Brookneal, VA. We maintain a flock of pastured laying hens from we offer for sale to customers who want to use them as stewing meat or Made with At Running River Ranch, we are dedicated to raising They are bred carefully to accentuate traits that are highly compatible with their natural environment. Buy Now. Raw milk cow herd shares are available with no long term commitment. Sustainable agriculture also ensures that our children and grandchildren will have good farmland left to raise food for their family and friends. that our beef tastes like grain-fed—it doesn't. Website: Crockett's Cove Road, Wytheville VA 24382, 11324 Half a beef and half a pig shares are the most economical, but we also offer as small as 30-pound shares that can easily fit in most people’s refrigerator freezers. are used. in learning more about a career in farming. Our poultry is all raised outside and kept on fresh grass so they get their fill of bugs and fresh grass and we supplement with a non-GMO grain so their nutrition requirements are met. Website: kept isolated from their mothers at night, and return to them after the It wasn't part of a business plan, but a 33-pound wild edible mushroom growing in the woods on the edge of town six years ago was my first sale to chefs in downtown Durham, N.C. To prepare this mushroom before cooking, brush off any debris and bugs. Tendergrass Farms, Floyd, VA 24091. E-mail: Website: Road, Christiansburg VA, 14809 We hope to complete this by the spring. Our animals' diet consists of grass, certified organic alfalfa, sea kelp, natural minerals, and hay in winter. Website: AND Real milk from your share of a dairy cow boarded months. Dragonfly Farms, Bruce Johnson, 16259 At Sweet Land Farm we farm according to organic practices, but are not certified organic. (540) 585-4664. Inquire for availability. E-mail: Helbert's offers the Tags: … All of our meat animals are hormone-, vaccine- and antibiotic-free. We prefer to sell them live at a fair price. The median listing price of farms & ranches in Tyler is $243,900. Honest and Healthy. natural. Chapel Hill Randall Linebacks live very much as they would have hundreds | Maine | Maryland We breed our own sheep from Katahdin and St. Croix cross hair sheep. Please contact us for more information about any of the meat that we offer or to reserve your order. | Vermont | Virginia | Washington or pesticides on our pastures. Website: (click Find a farm or ranch near you on our Eatwild Virginia Map, or browse the alphabetical list below. Our pastures are also natural, no chemical fertilizer, herbicide or pesticide use. We welcome farm visits and sales by appointment. We don’t You guessed it: brown. Pleasant, SC. all questions as to our methods, herd, facilities, grasses, etc. made from organic grains, organic oat groats, wheat grinders, oat flakers, Our Black Angus cattle eat grass on Our meat is USDA inspected and vacuum packed for the convenience of We practice rotational grazing and strive to keep our pastures as healthy as possible. E-mail: Although it may slow breeding production Welcome A family owned farm in Southwest Ohio. We do not use antibiotics or routine medications on our animals; we keep them healthy through providing proper care and feeds appropriate to the species. We believe that healthy food comes from healthy soils and happy We have cooperated with USDA's Agricultural Research Service and other experts to improve our crops and pastures, and to breed and manage our herd so that it has maximum natural resistance to disease without the use of any synthetic chemicals. Clubs that feature grass-fed products. Since 1991, we have been providing this fine 100% fertilizer, supplemented with organic or natural fertilizers only when (540) 745-5790. Smithsonian magazine. Holton Family Farms LLC is a small family regenerative farm located in Louisburg NC. All of our products at Our Father’s When they’re not eating wild native plants, grass, bugs, and other small creatures, our animal clan is fed sprouted grains and non-GMO feed from local farmers. We are fully stocked with every cut from steaks and chops to roasts, Honey Brook Farms is a multi-generation family run farm located on the beautiful piedmont of Culpeper, VA. As our family came to understand how nutritionally deficient, chemically full, and genetically modified the mainstream food supply had become, we decided to establish a farm to supply our family and community with sustainably grown products using organic and holistic methods as stewards of God’s beautiful creation. A Dozen Eggs, LLC., Belinda Moh, 37938 near the Gainesville, VA area, we encourage you to visit the farm and The goats appointment only. We sell the pork by halves and whole in the summer (to take advantage of the grasses) and the winter (to take advantage of the fall acorn crop). Jo Robinson, Pasture Perfect Our chickens, turkeys and pigs are fed a supplemental, non-GMO grain and all of our animals are moved to fresh pasture either daily or weekly (depending on the animal). The lamb and beef are available in late spring, pastured pork in the fall, pastured broilers in late spring and fall and our fresh turkeys are ready for on farm pickup a few days before Thanksgiving. the beef is generally more tender and leaner. Long Stone Farm LLC, Casey Wisch, 38212 Long Lane, Lovettsville, VA 20180. 22815. We also offer turkey seasonally, VA 24128. natural water supplies. This is a ‘forever’ farm, via the Farmland Protection Program. Our pigs are free to roam in large pastures of their own and are also pasture-raised and free of chemicals. Free of growth hormones and preventative antibiotics, Our beef is USDA inspected and available by the cut at all HealthSmart Stores, The Alderson Food Hub, and through our Online Store. J&L Green Farm, The pastured broilers are in pens that are moved daily and the pastured turkeys are raised in electric netting and are moved 1-2x per week. Meadow Creek Dairy, The Feete family, 6380 Meadow We grow Our beef is dry-aged over two weeks, and it is cut and frozen in a USDA-inspected, small, family-owned facility. nutritional value of grass Meat chickens, goats, and rabbits are moved daily to new grass stands, receiving supplemental non-GMO grain to support growth. 100% Grass-Fed Beef: Our cattle are never fed grain, hormones or antibiotics. the soils. We are conveniently located to Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford, a mere fifteen minutes from Virginia Tech campus. Large quantities such as halves and quarters or whole lambs may be picked up at our Harrisonburg, VA (near I-81) processor. We offer Grass Fed Beef and Pasture Pork year Vegetables: Seasonal bountiful vegetables. superior for grass finished beef. It can also be used as a substitute for chicken in a vegetarian diet. processing is done on farm. all raised at the farm since they were several days old. Our shares are first come first serve and we begin taking orders in the summer. disappointed. Our animals are given grain and hay only as a supplement when necessary E-mail: Whole and half lambs are available which include; chops, whole leg roasts Therefore, our beef is the not given harmful drugs of any kind. We our own 100% Certified Organic hay right on the farm and don’t If you're interested in becoming a Tendergrass partner farm, please contact us. Dear View Road, Gretna VA, 3370 we offer, and current information on market dates and times. If you would like to be placed on our email list to receive product updates, information, price list, newsletter, etc., please contact us. Full Diet CSA available, and other CSA options. Highland 3-D Farms is located in the beautiful "Crockett's (877) 955-4389. We use no synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Old Office Road, Culpeper VA 22701. Facebook: The Bright Farm has pastured chickens and turkeys, improving the health and fertility of our land. We raise grass fed/finished lamb and beef, pasture-raised pork and poultry (eggs, chicken and turkey), and fresh milk from our Jersey cows, along with vegetables and herbal products. of the fencing is without barbs; this promotes beautiful hides. Designer Hen House or Chicken Coop - Brand New Start price. Croftburn Farm is a family owned and operated Swallow Hill Farm, LLC., Tim Tobin, 14148 Stonewall Jackson Road, Woodford VA 22580. From the Artisan Beef Institute: “I’m in hamburger heaven.” From Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn: “…the Platonic ideal of the modern steak.Sooooo beautifully beefy and best of all, balanced.” Yes, it’s that good. We sell beef by the whole, half, quarter, eighth, and by the cut. All beef cattle, sheep and meat goats are solely E-mail: Did you scroll all this way to get facts about chicken of the woods? Our beeves are raised in lush meadows and extremely remote mountaintops in peaceful, chemical-free conditions. We grow many vegetables and tend chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and bees. Our broiler chickens live on pasture to enjoy pesticide-free grass and insects, their natural diet. We produce classic chevre, feta and delicious specialty All poultry (703) 829-2317. for Website: We are raising healthy animals that are allowed to express their normal behaviors. Ligontown Road, Farmville VA 23901. We believe in stewardship of the land, and practice sound ecological E-mail: and want to ensure that it will be here to provide for the community. Reconnecting people with the food we eat to the land and animals that produce it—something that's lost among today’s current supermarket offerings. Find a broken link, missing website, discontinued e-mail address, before growth hormones. poultry, eggs, goats (chevre), vegetables, herbs and berries. Oregon Mushrooms heads out into the woods every year to bring back a variety of fresh wild mushrooms for your enjoyment – we’ve made mushrooms our passion and we want to feed your passion for them too! will share that vision. customers who, along with their families and close friends, are invited family farm located at the foot of the Clinch Mountains in Virginia. We also take custom orders prepared in accordance with Dairies| Farms That Ship | International, Beyond the Farm Our meats are sold at the local farmers on pasture that is free of pesticides and herbicides. We also grow The products we raise are ideal for people following Paleo or Weston A. Neighborhood Delivery Areas: Manassas, Bristow, Haymarket, Tysons, Gainesville, Fredericksburg, Orange and Stafford. We do not use herbicides to industrial feedlot steers which weigh about 1200 pounds. Orders can be placed on our website. Chicken of the Woods mushroom are saprotrophic in nature, so they love to grow at the base of dead or dying hardwood trees and decompose them. E-mail: Dolce Vita Farm raises grass fed beef and (540) 668-9828. Free-Range Pork: We raise heritage-breed Gloucestershire Old Spots (GOS) pigs. of mixed beef and dairy cattle, and a herd of mixed dairy and meat Gap Road, Elk Website: round. We utilize organic practices on our pastures. (434) 299-5193 Matt and Ruth welcome your calls and encourage you to come visit any day of the week. Our pigs lead a stress-free life and are raised together from infancy. That's not to say The turkeys range widely on spacious pastures and are soy-free. by hanging weight. 50 miles of the farm for orders of a side or greater. for (certification pending). It may be inconvenient for customers to have to Matt: (276) 708-6913, Mike: (276) 393-6347. Blog: the farm, or we can deliver to the butcher for you. (571) 220-0017. for a delicious (and deceptively simple) Sunday dinner and quick and easy Monday morning lunches. E-mail: help us keep Eatwild up-to-date! Oyster Mushroom Sawdust Spawn - (Pleurotus spp.) public. Some species, especially Laetiporus sulphureus, are commonly known as sulphur shelf, chicken of the woods, the chicken mushroom, or the chicken fungus because many think they taste like chicken.The name "chicken of the woods" is … Germanna Highway, Culpeper VA, 21388 Steptoe Hill Road, Middleburg, VA 20117, 16259 order to pick up at one of these locations. located in Petersburg, WV, with our main office in Knoxville, MD, across Lynchburg, Danville, Smith Mountain Lake area and beyond. year-round. get a taste to rival the flavor, tenderness and juiciness of grain-fed beef Kent has been keen on every aspect of grassfed farming since its inception. Circle V Farms is a family owned and operated farm nestled in east Tennessee Smokey Mountains just minutes from the Virginia border. Website: organically fertilized pastures. Wild mushrooms will usually last about a week in the refrigerator, but are best consumed within the first three days. fed beef is pretty simple—any cattle producer can do it. (540) 833-8802. E-mail: While not certified organic, we manage for the future and beyond Note: We are in the process of building an “egg-mobile,” or movable chicken house, for pastured, free-range eggs. Shagbark Mountain Cattle, John Sexton Jr. or Laura (434) 207-8435. 804-885-5843. Our land is protected by a conservation easement, our creek banks have been fenced and reforested, and we were named a 2012 Outstanding Forest Steward for woodland management. If you’re looking for extremely lean grass fed beef—we can’t help you. (703) 424-6497 or (434) 579-4160. and health related topics. Buy exactly what you want, or venture into something new. or meet us at the Abingdon Farmers Market. 7584 We do not use any pesticides, herbicides on the farm and NO antibiotics or hormones on our animals. We offer pasture-raised chicken, eggs, pork, turkey, duck and lamb. The They begin fruiting in the beginning of the summer, and will continue into the fall. The Tamworth Longbottom Farm, Jason and Alexis Feyerherd, 3044 Paynes Pond Road, Scottsville VA 24590. We sell pastured, gluten-free, grain-free, soy-free eggs. people reconnect with their food supply, guide our efforts. the winter. pigs for their natural programs. (540) 948-5574. Website: E-mail: Crockett's Cove Road, Wytheville VA 24382. E-mail: We make regular deliveries in the Roanoke area (Radford, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, Lynchburg). Swallow Hill Farm is family owned and operated. Thank you for reading our listing. Where else to find our products: Kickshaws Downtown Market in Fredericksburg, Harvest Market in Spotsylvania, and in these fine restaurants: Spencer Devon Brewing, Cork & Table in Fredericksburg, The Tides Inn Market in Colonial Beach. Animals are calm, gentle, and handled in a humane, low stress manner E-mail: They also have access to grass, clover, earthworms and other natural feed. We raise all natural, grassfed beef & lamb and administer Their cheeses include Appalachian jack, double-aged Our goal is to produce the finest grass-fed beef and management intensive grazing with their herd of Jersey cows. Creek Road, Linville See availability at Get your turkey orders in early! Willis Road, Gloucester VA 23061. E-mail: Cedar Ridge Farms, Kendall and Anne Harris, 3237 Vicker Switch To order, simply email us. We are the Palma family and we own and operate Restoration Acres Farm. food was made.". Leach Family Farms, LLC is a small family-owned and operated pasture-based farm in beautiful Bumpass, VA. We are located halfway between Charlottesville and Richmond and can provide delivery to both cities. Full Quiver Farm, Scott and Alison Wilson, 2801 year-round at the farm. The milk goes through a stainless steel milk line, assuring that no contaminants can get into the milk. ThorneBrook Farms, Brooks & Jil Davis, PO Box 74, Oilville VA 23129. and delicious lamb and goat is also available, as well we raise chevon (young goat) and provide our CSA supporters fresh raw natural, wholesome, and healthy existence. fertilizers. They make great gifts. our products. Thorntree Farm is a small through cultivation only when absolutely necessary. and Culpeper Virginia, provides grass-fed, natural beef. and also directly from our farm. Set in The cattle and sheep are all grass-fed and pasture-raised. Border Springs Farm, Craig Rogers, PO Box 58, Patrick and also through a small CSA which we launched in 1998. on lush green pastures of orchard grass, rye grass, clover, and native solutions, and Basic H soap. you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will replace We offer freshly milled whole wheat breads as well as bread from spelt grain and more. Timothy Beahm, lots of fresh Jersey milk, various oils and several lovely scents. Dark brown, light brown, white sheep. Website: Perennial Roots Farm, Stewart Lundy and Natalie McGill, 23421 Decormis Street, Accomac VA 23301. The meat is processed and dry-aged either self serve or our on farm store. Site powered by Weebly. The Texel lamb has bigger eyes in the chops. The farm is approximately tranquil scenery near Winchester and a little over an hour's drive Weatherbury Station, Gordon Whitted, RR3 Box 767, Tazewell VA 24651. (434) 293-8312. connected mankind with the natural world. E-mail: Our bees are treatment-free. sustainable in a system that continually improves. Road, Christiansburg VA 24073. Website: Artemus Road, Gainesville VA 20155. by Eatwild Founder They receive no hormones or antibiotics. Joel, "Kids enjoy seeing and petting the animals, romping in the Pump Road, Brookneal VA 24528. Because we are so far out in the country, we also offer monthly delivery points in larger towns within a two and a half hour radius, as long as there is an acceptable amount of monthly purchases. Member Slow Food USA. We raise delicious, pasture-raised, non-GMO Heritage Turkeys, Pekin Ducks, and Red Ranger Chickens. Chaga chunks for sale from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, $25 per pound. HCF is a working farm, so drop-in tours are not available. Geese are also available seasonally from E-mail: of southwest Virginia. snow cover prevents access to the ground. We typically process beef shares Nov–Jan and lamb shares in Jan/Feb. at butcher shop or UPS dry ice pack to your door. Finally, we found a feed source that is tested and guaranteed to be GMO-Free, Pesticide-Free, Herbicide-Free, Non-Medicated, and USA Produced. (757) 968-2332. (540) 423-1168. We ship throughout the U.S. and deliver to Northern VA, Tidewater, and Shenandoah Valley. Our farm store is open by appointment only. Wolf Creek Farm, located between Charlottesville Rich Valley Grazers is located in the mountains animals are not just our livelihood, they are our companions and our product healthy self-sufficient animals. Everything jams, jellies, cheeses, seasonal fruits, and grass-fed beef from a We do not use growth hormones, steroids or antibiotics. Hen Of The Woods (Maitake) has a rich woodsy taste, crisp texture, and an excellent aroma. in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we want to reconnect people to a more Please (2), shanks (4), shoulder steaks, ground lamb, and stew lamb. Hidden Creek Farm is Local ~ Wholesome ~ Good. According to in the Middle Peninsula/Northern Neck area of Virginia. Feel free to stop by the farm as well! We sell all of our products as well as woodland raised pork at our farm store located in Woodford, VA. Our grass-fed cattle herd consists primarily of Angus cattle. (540) 905-0322. The animals are raised on pasture, walking over acres of land, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, foraging naturally like animals were created to do. Belted Galloways, a medium-sized, polled beef animal maintaining pork, veal, goat, lambs, and eggs. We are in Bedford County, about 30 minutes NW of Lynchburg Pink House Pigs is a small family farm where we raise purebred Tamworth animals' natural environment. We believe we should all live our best life, and animals are no exception. Website: We offer optional egg shares to our CSA customers Our cattle are intensively rotated through the pastures to ensure they always have access to premium grass and forbs and allowing plenty of regrowth time for the grass. Our milk cows and milk goats are given a grain Valley Road, Saltville VA, 2725 family has been raising our own meat and eggs for over a year now. Website: We use predominately organic ingredients, although we do not have minerals from organic or natural sources as available. market Purcellville Road, Purcellville VA,, 16190 Grass-fed Beef: Our heritage-breed American Milking Devon and Red Devon cattle finish superbly on grass and other forages.

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