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…, What is the best Cricut Bundle? The new SportFlex Iron-on features the Cricut StrongBond Guarantee, making it longer lasting than ever before! If you are using a Maker, remember to always leave plenty of room behind the machine as it scans the entire mat before cutting. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cricut EasyPress Mini ™ Cricut EasyPress ® 2 Cricut EasyPress Which Cricut EasyPress do I have? Skip to main content FINAL DAY! Click the chat icon on the bottom right. Machine Tools. There is an adhesive on the back of iron on vinyl that activates when it reaches a certain temperature, generally by iron, heatpress, or, my particular favorite, the Cricut EasyPress. It makes it much easier to layer your projects because your material stays connected to your backing plastic. Pre-wash fabric base materials without fabric softener to pre-shrink and remove chemicals that may prohibit strong adhesion. This was a really simple design, but it sure beats plain t-shirts! How Do I Calibrate My Cricut Maker Or Explore Air 2? First, you select the type of Iron-On + your base material. Just don’t forget to mirror your words before cutting. You can use a household iron if you don’t have an EasyPress yet! We really enjoyed working with this product. Turn on your EasyPress and set the temperature to 315 degrees. Today I’ve decided to use the Cricut EasyPress for this transfer. Base Material. If you have multiple mats, make sure you select the mirror option for EACH mat. Place the design onto the preheated material. Here’s what I used to complete this project: As well as other standard Cricut Accessories such as the weeding tools, cutting mat, and pressing mat. Cricut Sportflex Iron On is made especially for those stretchier garments: polyester and nylon blend active wear, for example. On Cricut’s website they have an Interactive Quick Reference Guide for using the EasyPress. I decided to make ‘GETTING FIT’ 8 inches wide for the adult tee, and ‘THROWING FIT’ 7 inches wide for the kid’s tee. Click ‘browse all materials’, search for and select ‘SportFlex Iron On’ Maybe! Explore the site today! Wait 24 hours to wash. Wash and Dry with the garment inside out. It’s thin, lightweight, and is stretchable and flexible! Options not compatible. Last updated on June 1st, 2020 The Cricut Contour Tool… what’s it all about? Cricut SportFlex Iron-On; Weeder; Cricut EasyPress, heat press, or household iron; Iron-On Protective sheet (optional) Base material . While it was exciting to jump into trying everything from Glitter Iron-on™ to SportFlex Iron-on™, it took me a while to understand how each differs and what are some of the tips and tricks to know for each type. Email us. I bought the SportFlex Spa Day sampler which includes the colors Blue Sky, Gray and Sea Foam. Recommended: To verify cut setting, perform a test cut using a small basic shape. More . Or apply with household iron. How To Cut SportFlex: Mirror your design in Cricut Design Space; If using the Explore Air 2 set your dial to ‘custom’, select ‘browse all materials’ and then search for and select ‘SportFlex Iron On’. Tips for Using SportFlex Iron On™ It is recommended to ONLY layer with other colors of SportFlex Iron On™ and only 2 layers at most. The cut file to make this shirt is completely ready to go! Then place your first strawberry piece down on your shirt. Contact us:* DIY, CRICUT, CRICUT MAKER, CRICUT EASY PRESS, CRICUT TUTORIALS, DIY TUTORIAL, CRICUT, CRICUT TUTORIAL, CRICUT MAKER, EASY DIY, HOME DECOR, CRAFT IDEAS, EASY CRICUT PROJECTS, CRICUT TUTORIAL, TANNER BELL, A LITTLE CRAFT IN YOUR DAY * Thanks! When I had my design perfect, I clicked ‘Make It’. ET This Iron-On is perfect for polyester and nylon fabrics (or poly/nylon blends). It was easy to cut, weed, and apply. SportFlex Iron -On™ Sampler, Metallics. Sounds nice! Simply click here and you will be taken to Cricut Design Space. Run, swing, kick, dance, do that cobra pose, and more - this flexible, stretchable iron-on material bends with the body and keeps uniforms and team gear lightweight. Flip and press for s °F °C. So far it’s wearing well, and we look forward to further Cricut SportFlex Projects. Care Instructions. Learn how to use Cricut Sportflex Iron-on with any stretch material. … 5 Items Set Ascending Direction. Let’s chat. If using the Cricut Maker, the custom options will appear by default. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Add To Cart. I removed the Iron-On from my mat, separated the designs and then weeded them. More . I always use a silicon pad underneath the garment which provides a firm surface to do the transfer on. I turned on the EasyPress, set the temperature to 305°F and set the timer for 30 seconds. SportFlex Iron-On is highly recommended for tech fabrics like polyester and nylon. Allow 24 hours after application before washing. SportFlex Iron On Instructions . Cricut has released various types of iron on materials in the recent years. Cricut Patterned Iron On Vinyl . Heat-Transfer Material. … January 23, 2019. Cricut Sportflex is just like any other Cricut Iron On in that it can be cut using any of the Maker or Explore cutting machines. The Patterned Iron-on is a beautiful alternative to standard single color iron-on. Another alternative is Siser EasyWeed Stretch. Learn how your comment data is processed. QTY. Pre-wash fabric base materials without fabric softener to pre-shrink and remove chemicals that may prohibit strong adhesion. Start by preheating your shirt for 5 seconds. Special Price $9.00 $17.99. Heat Transfer Printer Guide: Inkjet, Laser, Or Sublimation? There …, Make Custom Active Wear With Cricut SportFlex Iron-On, Black Friday + Cyber Monday 2020 | Cricut, Craft & Heat …, The Best Sublimation Printer [UPDATED 2020] Buyers Guide, Amazon PRIME Day 2020: Cricut, Craft, & Heat Press Deals. Such nice colors! This is because any manufacturing chemicals in the clothing can stop the Iron-On from adhering properly. (Please note: This post contains affiliate links. If this size works for you then you can click on Make It. SportFlex Iron-On™ has been one of the most popular – and for good reason. Cricut EasyPress Mini features the even, edge-to-edge heat that all Cricut EasyPress models have, but there are a few differences. I weeded the inside of the letters out first, and then pulling from left to right I removed the rest of the vinyl from the outside. I pressed the design for 30 seconds with gentle pressure. I cut the Cricut SportFlex Iron On™ using my Cricut Explore Air 2 machine. I used my new Cricut EasyPress set to 305 degrees. Select an option. Mirror your design in Cricut Design Space, SportFlex Iron On is placed shiny/colored-side down on the cutting mat, Load the mat into the machine and press go, Once the design is cut out, unload the cutting mat, Weed away excess vinyl from your design so that it is ready to transfer, Pre-wash clothing to remove manufacturing chemicals, Turn on EasyPress, set temperature and allow to heat up, Pre-press garment for 5 seconds to remove moisture and wrinkles, Press design with gentle pressure for 30 seconds (use a protective sheet between the EasyPress and your design with Polyester fabrics), Turn garment over and press the back for 15 seconds. :'s connect : BLOG : - @Tannerbell1023 - : Tannerbell1023Got Questions? Last updated on June 1st, 2020 Want to try cutting fabric with your Cricut Maker … September 26, 2019. 30 Fun Cricut Joy Projects – So Quick & Easy! Next, I pre-pressed my garment for 5 seconds to remove any moisture or wrinkles. Once your design is cut, remove it from the cutting mat and weed out the excess material. Heat each part of the design for 50 seconds with medium pressure. Do not bleach. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'howtoheatpress_com-box-4','ezslot_2',126,'0','0'])); I’m cutting my design out of SportFlex Iron On. And, of course, any vinyl cutting machine will be suitable for cutting SportFlex.eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'howtoheatpress_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',124,'0','0'])); Today I’m making these co-ordinating workout tops. Instructions for using the Cricut EasyPress on Polyester and Nylon fabrics, using an EasyPress mat or equivalent. Apply. Preheat the material where you will be applying the vinyl for 5-10 seconds with the EasyPress. Preparation. The SportFlex Iron-on is perfect for rec-tec athletic shirts. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission, but it doesn't cost you anything. Next I just searched for ‘sportflex’ and selected SportFlex Iron On. Haha – we haven’t tried them all out yet. Select one. Cricut SportFlex Iron-On All Stars Sampler 12x12 Inch (2004564) Cricut SportFlex Iron-On Neon Green 12x24 Inch (2004450) Cricut SportFlex Iron-On Silver 12x24 Inch (2004445) Cricut EasyPress Mini features one button with three simple settings — Low, Medium, and High. Offers are valid on and are not applicable in Design Space ® or on third party or partner websites. Cricut always recommends pre-washing any clothing before doing heat transfers. To get the right cut settings I first clicked ‘browse all materials’. 2For more delicate materials, placing a Teflon sheet between your project and Cricut EasyPress is recommended. It’s perfect for all fabrics! APPLY BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! SportFlex Iron-On ™ 305°F / 150°C 30 sec ... Cricut EasyPress settings with Cricut EasyPress Mat Warm peel Cold peel Gentle pressure Firm pressure 1Reverse and press step not recommended for faux leather. If you need to adjust the sizing, click on customize. All offers are valid only while supplies last. If using Cricut EasyPress™ with a towel in place of the EasyPress™ Mat: Same as above except use 315 F/157 C temperature settings. Send us a message and we will get in touch. Cricut Everyday Iron-On; Weeder; Cricut EasyPress, heat press, or household iron; Iron-On Protective sheet (optional) Base material . Customize team jerseys, or embellish uniforms, caps, yoga tops, leggings, and more. Here’s the Cricut Maker cutting out the Iron-On. Iron on has quickly become one of my favorite materials to work with on my Cricut. In this post we’ll tell you everything you need to know about SportFlex Iron On, and show you how to make your very own custom workout gear! Cricut SportFlex is a warm peel. SportFlex Iron-on has been on my craft table and under my EasyPress a lot over the past few weeks. SportFlex Iron -On™ Sampler, Spa Day. Add To Cart. Preheat s. s. pressure. Today we're using a dry fit shirt and workout pants. The Cricut Patterned Iron On range is fantastic! Set EasyPress to 340°F (171°C). How To Use The Contour Tool In Cricut Design Space, The Best Cricut Bundle – Cricut Maker, Explore Air 2, & Joy Bundles. Today we're using a dry fit shirt and workout pants. Although it works fairly similarly to regular iron-on, there are a few things to keep in mind, so today I thought I would share a little bit more about how to work with SportFlex Iron-On™ for amazing results. Preheat material for 10-15 seconds. Last updated on May 31st, 2020 Today we’re trying out Cricut SportFlex Iron On! We are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. When you press the start button, the timer will start counting down. There is the Sportflex Metallics Sampler Pack which contains 3 Iron On vinyl sheets of Lavender Metallic, Rose Gold Metallic, and Ocean Metallic. It can adhere to so many different surfaces, particularly those that are difficult to use with regular adhesive vinyl, like wood and cardstock. EASYPRESS SETTINGS FOR SPORTFLEX IRON ON Plug in the EasyPress and set the temperature to 305 degrees F and let it heat up. Find out here. BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR! Great for tech fabrics like polyester and nylon. Press SportFlex Iron-On with Cricut EasyPress. Using SportFlex on polyester is 305° for 30 seconds, but you can check Cricut’s Heat Settings Guide to find the correct temperature if you’re using a different base material. The Quick Reference Guide then tells you how to apply the Iron-On. Get winning iron-on results for active wear with these flexible, stretchable iron-on sheets. 20% OFF YOUR TOTAL PURCHASE* 20% OFF YOUR TOTAL PURCHASE* APPLY 1.99 SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS 1.99 SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS. Promotion Terms and Exclusions. Call us. Cricut Sportflex Project . You'll need to use a separate timer to count down during application. But we can whole-heartedly recommend Cricut SportFlex! Is it the best HTV for sportswear? I’m using the StandardGrip cutting mat and I’ve placed the vinyl shiny (colored) side down. First top all done, then I just repeated the process with the remaining t-shirt! Use with all Cricut cutting machines. My Cricut Maker will cut it out in reverse, but it will transfer onto the shirt the right way around! Machine wash cold, hang to dry. Layout your iron-on design on to your shirt to determine the best placement. Special Price $9.00 $17.99. Cricut Maker; Cricut Explore Air 2; Cricut Joy; Cricut EasyPress; Accessories.

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