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The mahogany neck, resonator with … Then let the banjo pick you. The Boston 6 String banjo is tuned like a guitar so guitar players can instantly start playing this type of banjo. Best-selling Deering banjos include the Deering Sierra, Deering Eagle 2, and Deering Boston 6-String. The woodwork is matt. doryman - Posted - 07/10/2019:  22:01:36. I'm not truly shopping. $450.00: New Deering Boston Plectrum Banjo …  ARCHIVED TOPIC: Deering Sierra or Eagle II? Deering Banjo Company 3733 Kenora Dr. Spring Valley, CA USA 91977 | 800-845-7791 | The Eagle II does not attempt to be a Mastertone-type banjo; it's a design on its own. The powerful and dynamic sound of the Boston comes from that steel rim which creates a … The Sierra has the -06 ring that is Deering's flagship. DVD-quality lessons (including tabs/sheet music) available for immediate viewing on any device. Since I live in north Georgia, only two and one-half hours from the home of, I was able to visit the Banjo Barn where Barry give me the opportunity to "test drive" several banjos and he assisted me in narrowing down to my final choice. SOLD Deering Sierra Mahogany. 400+ tunes bundles available, each with chord charts and various speeds. BanjoDiva - Posted - 10/05/2010:  16:37:47, Majorbanjo - Posted - 10/05/2010:  17:03:32. We can't guarantee correctness and completeness of all the data presented here, and therefore will … The 3-ply maple rim is equipped with Deering's -06- 20-hole bell bronze tone ring. Open-back banjos at all price points are built with shoes. Hi, what do you think the best of banjo between "Deering - Goodtime Special" and "Recording King RK-R80"? How is it that this is so? Look at it this way, for the same price as the (inferior) Eagle, you can get the real deal "mastertone style" pot assy having  a flange & no holes drilled thru the pot. Well I’ll tell you. The Deering Sierra Maple banjo gives you a bright and crisp tone that is great for 3 finger banjo playing. Deering's most popular professional grade banjo for over 20 years. My advice is to do like me and play them both. I love my Stelling and am in the market for an open back rather than a resonator banjo. Like all Deering banjos, they are great values used.  Other Banjo-Related Topics IMO, nothing beats the Goodtimes for beginner/travel banjo. I might have some subconscious prejudice against hook-shoe construction because of all the $100 Amazon specials I've had the misfortune of fixing up or playing. Recording King and some of the other Chinese made banjos just don't do it for me. It seems like the Eagle should be the intermediate level between the Goodtime and the Sierra, but it's marketed as an equivalent to the Sierra. Edited by - Tonibanjo on 10/04/2010 10:24:08. Or is it the RK-25.Whatever their new affordable banjo is: how does the Good Time do against that target?Lew, mullie1 - Posted - 10/04/2010:  07:55:29. The Sierra is 23 years old. Uniquely Deering, the Boston banjo breaks with tradition and provides a professional quality sound at a lower price point by creating the drum from 3/16″ rolled steel which rings like a tone ring and upgrading the accuracy of tuning with guitar style tuners with a higher gear ratio. A better comparison would be a Deering Sierra vs. an RK-80. I feel like I'm missing something. The pot assembly of the Sierra, the violin grade maple 3 ply rim, the -06- tone ring, the one piece zinc flange, the notched tension hoop, the Deering tail piece and armrest are exactly the same as our whole line all the way up to the …, 'For Sale: 2007 Deering Sierra Banjo in Mint-Excellent Condition', 'Looking for a source for banjo neck wood'. Jens Kruger has done informative videos on both models and discusses his opinion on how construction affects sound. With the resonator on, it sounds good playing either clawhammer or a three-finger style. I haven't bought my first banjo yet but i made my decission. Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. Versatility is one of the Eagle's promoted features. … "No one can buy a better banjo! The multicolor binding and high gloss finish enhance the gold and perloid inlays on the exotic, natural ebony fingerboard. 'For Sale: 2007 Deering Sierra Banjo in Mint-Excellent Condition' 15 min, '(FF) Charcoal Powder On Your Steak' 56 min, 'Looking for a source for banjo neck wood' 1 hr. Disadvantages: does not have the fullness of tone associated with a Gibson.The Mumford & Sons guy used an electric Eagle II. $1,000.00: Deering Goodtime 2 with Case (Sold) (expired) Used - Very Good Condition / Country: United States - State: TX Last Updated 9/26/2020. The tone ring, while different, is still cast bronze alloy, so maybe no significant cost difference there. With optional Maple, at no extra cost, the Sierra has a brighter and crisper professional quality tone that is easy to play with clarity and good note separation. Others have mentioned comparing the RK to the Sierra. Tuned: … $499.00. Free shipping. Goodtime Special is an entry-level instrument, very well made in the USA, often used as a second banjo, a beginner's banjo, or a banjo for those who need a light-weight 'jo that still has a great sound. We can work with you to customize a Deering … 400+ tunes bundles available, each with chord charts and various speeds. IMHO no competition, the R80 hands down for sound and price. ... Used Deering Boston Plectrum Banjo. Next time, perhaps. Edited by - dustinTN on 10/04/2010 06:00:10. Questions: What is the difference between an Eagle II and a Sierra? If you continue, we will assume that you agree to. Necks, resonators and hardware are either equivalent in features and value or the exact same thing. Edited by - Brian Murphy on 07/08/2019 14:04:15, Old Hickory - Posted - 07/08/2019:  14:30:39. jswkingsfield - Posted - 07/08/2019:  12:34:06. Bill Rogers - Posted - 07/08/2019:  12:31:56. Sierra 5-String Deering Banjo Available in Maple or Mahogany See Ross Nickerson's Deering Sierra Banjo Videos, Maple Sierra and Mahogany Sierra. Of course, given the country of origin, the RK is cheaper new than is a USA-manufactured Deering. $2,159.00. Supercharge your practice! Thanks everyone for the good discussion. Both good banjos, just different. I spent quite a bit of time playing both RK's and Deerings during the past year in making my decision for a lightweight banjo to play around the house and take on trips.....and for a professional grade banjo in the sub-$1500 range. 736 Greenville, SC. I believe it to be one of the best values on the market. $1,200 is a respectable price for a Deering Sierra (it's not an "incredible bargain that you should jump at," but it's a good price). The mother of pearl inlay in the peghead, is the very first Deering logo designed by Greg Deering for his first banjo in 1969. The heirloom-quality, professional Deering Sierra 5-String Banjo features a sand-cast, virgin bell bronze, genuine Deering tone ring mounted to a 3-ply rock-maple rim with a one-piece resonator flange. In hindsight I should have posted this as a building/setup thread about the differences in pot construction methods. Compare 2 banjos . Save money on Used Deering Banjos at Guitar Center. A used Sierra can be had for about the price of a new RK. You can play it as a resonator banjo for bluegrass or progressive three-finger styles, or remove the resonator and flange plate and play it as an openback for clawhammer. Your Price $ 1,995.99 msrp:,lowPrice:1995.99. Jens Kruger talks through the finer details of the Sierra, and puts it through its paces with some exquisite playing. The Deering Sierra 17 Fret Tenor banjo is built for use primarily with Irish music, and the Tenor banjo is quite common in that genre. I recently purchased a Deering Sierra mahogany open back banjo from Description. Supercharge your practice! I think the big thing is what Ken touched on. All Forums I understand that some people see shoe-and-hook construction as the mark of a banjo that should cost less than one built on a Mastertone platform. Deering Sierra vs Deering Goodtime 2. vs. Deering Sierra vs Deering Goodtime 5 String. Not only was Deering’s first master dealer, we were also named #1 Deering Dealer Worldwide in 2020. Were I making those banjos, I would charge more for the Eagle, if for no other reason the labor cost of drilling all those holes, the number of parts, and the assembly time. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The finish on the neck was a matte finish that did not feel good at all and reminded me of the $40 guitar I bought my 6 year old … When put in the perspective of the builder, it makes sense that hook-shoe would be the same if not more expensive than a Mastertone style pot. Its advantages: lighter weight due to the shoe & bracket style plus low profile ring; can convert to openback; has a lighter, clearer, airier tone IMHO. Although I say it's not as ornate as the more expensive "professional" banjos, the new 2010 Sierra design is far from dull, with intricate inlays on the neck.  Other Banjo-Related Topics $689.00. The data presented is for information purposes only. 'For Sale: 2007 Deering Sierra Banjo in Mint-Excellent Condition' 15 min, '(FF) Charcoal Powder On Your Steak' 56 min, 'Looking for a source for banjo neck wood' 1 hr. They're both made of quality components and fine craftsmanship, so comparing an Eagle II to a Rover is really not fair.Finally I must apologize. ... Deering Boston 5-String Banjo w/Case. My top 2 choices based on tone and playability were the Eagle II and the maple Sierra. Delivering a bright, snappy sound with plenty of volume and cutting power, the Sierra 17 … What gives?  Shopping Advice The Sierra has the -06 ring that is Deering's flagship. I don't know if you can do that with a Sierra or not and perhaps that's not something one would want to do with a Sierra anyway. We are proud to manufactur the Sierra as … Gives it a nice mellow tone which is probably not for everyone but I sure like. Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more. What I'm gathering is a few things. Has more of a driving sound. I first picked up a Deering Boston and played it for a couple of minutes and then I looked down and saw that it had a steel rim. I feel like I'm missing something. I'm gonna try to fix that in my mind. But they have a "Deering" sound, which is not like the sound of a more traditional bluegrass banjo sound.

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