ductwork tool kit

hilmor’s HVAC/R Starter Kit includes some of the most revolutionary new tools on the market. to 12 in. The Klein Tools Hole Cutter will cut 2 in. Tools to help you flare and … Duct Stretcher (3) Duct Support (2) Fence Tool (4) Fiber Cement Tool (11) Folding Tool (3) Gutter Tool (10) Hand Notcher (2) Hand Seamer (5) Hex Key Insert (2) Hole Cutter (4) Hole Punch (2) Hole Saw (21) Kit … Throw them in your tool kit, and no matter what comes up, you’re ready for it. Amcraft® Shiplap Tool Kit for 1 1/2" Duct Board. If you’re building your own dream HVAC tool kit… (51 mm to 305 mm) holes in up to 24-Gauge steel … Hole Cutter for Duct and Sheet Metal The Klein Tools Hole Cutter will cut 2 in. 2 in. They are extremely helpful in demolition removal of old ductwork, too, as you can snip right around (or through) … HVAC technicians have a variety of tools at their disposal, and the above must-haves are an essential part of running a successful HVAC business. Ship Lap Tool Kit Includes: Modified 2-Way Shiplap Tool (Orange), End-Cut Off Tool (Blue), Male/Female Combination Tool (Brown), Layout Square, Cuts-All Tool, Duct Knife NAIMA Manual for Cutting Fiberglass Duct … to 12 in. Tools to help you handle superheat and subcool with no sweat.

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