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Pongal Paanai (clay-pot) is decorated around its neck with mango leaves. Pongal Festival. The 4 days of Celebration are: Bhogi, Pongal, Maatu Pongal and Kaanum Pongal. Holi is called the festival of colors. ven pongal is a delicious south indian breakfast made with rice & yellow moong lentils. The harvest festival, Pongal, falls typically on the 14th or the 15th of January and is the quintessential 'Tamil Festival'. 2. Homage is paid to Lord Indra for the abundance of harvest, thereby bringing plenty and prosperity to the land. The reason for celebrating Holi is that on the day the devotees of Shri Krishna came back alive from Prahlad Agni. Pongal, one of the most important popular Hindu festivals of the year. Pongal is a four-day-long harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, which falls in the month of Thai (that is, the January-February season) when crops like rice, sugarcane, turmeric etc. Copyright © 2004-2020 www.pongalfestival.org. The main reason behind preparing this set was to provide you the whole information in few lines so that the students of lower and upper classes can obtain the whole knowledge in a very less time. 5 sentences about Pongal festival in hindi Get the answers you need, now! The Fourth day is known as Knau or Kannum Pongal day. pongal is laced with cumin, asafoetida and black pepper. 2. The houses are cleaned and old items are discarded. 22 Jan 2019. Tamilians say 'Thai pirandhaal vazhi pirakkum', and believe that knotty family problems will be solved with the advent of the Tamil month Thai that begins on Pongal day. are harvested. ven pongal recipe with step by step pics. Next day only one Pongal is made which is Ven Pongal. 1) Onam is a very significant religious and cultural festival to … Discover the Importance of India. It utilizes freshly harvested rice, and is prepared by boiling it in milk and raw cane sugar (jaggery). Pongal festival is one of the biggest festivals celebrated in Tamil Nadu which is at the southern part of the country.. Holi is celebrated every year of the month of Fagun. 5. They are fed with Pongal and taken to the village centers. Here are a few Happy Pongal Festival Wishes with Images that you can send to your family and friends on Pongal: Let your kid know more about the festivals of India. 3) Pongal is also celebrated in Malaysia, Singapore, the US where south Indian people reside. Thus the association of this day with cattle. Pongal is a harvest festival, a traditional occasion for giving thanks to nature, for celebrating the life cycles that give us grain. 2) It is celebrated for four days in the southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc. Pongal is a four-days-in length harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern province of India. What is Pongal? Arati is performed for the brothers with turmeric water, limestone and rice, and this water is sprinkled on the kolam in front of the house. Human translations with examples: pongal, 10 கோடுகள் மாடு. Few Lines on Navratri Festival (Durga Puja) 1) Navratri is one of the grand Hindu festival celebrated twice every year in April/May and October/November. I recall a few lines I already wrote in one my previous posts – Navaratri in Abu Dhabi– Living in Abu Dhabi, one doesn’t feel out of homeland, with millions of Indians, especially South Indians quite huge in number. பொங்கல் கட்டுரைகள் பட்டியல். It is a four-day long festival which is celebrated by farmers in harvesting season. When the milk spills over say "Pongal, Oh Pongal" and add rice to the paanai. Abu Dhabi, as many of us know, is a place very close to a South Indian’s heart. Few Lines on Pongal Festival 1. 3. He would have to plow the fields and help people produce more food. For as long as people have been planting and gathering food, there has been some form of harvest festival. Few pods of Cardamom enhance the flavor of pongal. 2. Pongal Katturaigal. Makar Sankranti - Makar Sankranti or Makaraa Sankranti, maghi is a hindu festival falls on every year mostly in January month, dedicated to lord Surya. Pongal, one of the most important popular Hindu festivals of the year. This is traditionally the month of weddings. List of Pongal Katturaigal in Tamil. Makar Sankranti is also celebrated in almost all parts of the country in myriad cultural forms. In this video, you'll learn all about Pongal - Tamil Harvest Festival in India and how it's celebrated, from food to decorations, while building your Hindi vocabulary. On this leaf are placed, the leftovers of sweet Pongal and Venn Pongal, ordinary rice as well as rice colored red and yellow, betel leaves, betel nuts, two pieces of sugarcane, turmeric leaves, and plantains. Essay on Pongal Festival (200 Words) Thai Pongal is a festival of harvesting celebrated in Tamil Nadu. The literal meaning of Pongal is 'to boil' and it has the custom of preparing the dish named 'Pongal'. Pongal boasts of a vibrant history, which dates back to many centuries. Contextual translation of "10 lines about pongal" into Tamil. Go through the following lines to get information on the history and origin of Pongal. Pongal is a four-days-long harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. Few Lines on Holi Festival in English. Pongal Festival is celebrated on 14 th of January every year according to Hindu calendar. Arati is performed on them, so as to ward off the evil eye. The festival's most significant practice is the preparation of the traditional "pongal" dish. Another ritual observed on this day is Bhogi Mantalu, when useless household articles are thrown into a fire made of wood and cow-dung cakes. The festival was celebrated as Thai Niradal. Sometimes additional ingredients are added to the sweet dish, such as: cardamom, raisins, green gram (split), and cashew nuts.Other ingredients include coconut and ghee (clarified butter from cow milk). It corresponds to the Makar Sankranti festival which is celebrated in North India and dedicated to Sun God. In accordance with the appointed ritual, a turmeric plant is tied around the pot in which the rice will be boiled. October 25, 2020 So let’s start. Day 1 – Bhogi Pongal: It is celebrated on the first day of the festival. Later they spread into other Asian countries, like (India), Japan and Korea. The entire atmosphere becomes festive and full of fun and revelry. It is one of the most famous Hindu festivals in the country. Mid-January is an important time in the Tamil calendar. This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. Pongal – Essay 1. Article Shared By. 4. As the festival of Pongal is here, hoping it ushers in good days, that is filled with happiness and cheer, and the fervor it symbolizes stays with you throughout the year. History & Origin Of Pongal Festival The origin of Pongal can be traced back to Sangam Age, a period extending from 200 BC to 300 AD. Pongal is the main dish that is prepared and served to God on this day. According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. 9:32 am. Held after the winter solstice, it celebrates the return of longer days of life-giving sunlight. 1. The significance of the bonfire, in which is burnt the agricultural wastes and firewood is to keep warm during the last lap of winter. Pongal, one of the important Hindu festivals, falls around the same time as Lohri every year, which is around mid-January. With best wishes. This day only Ven Pongal is kept in the banana leaves (3) In the center make a hallow put ghee and a piece of jaggery and do neivedhyam. 5 sentences about pongal festival 5 sentences about pongal festival. 3. Once the rice is cooked, add chakkarai, katkandu (sugar), honey, raisins & cashews. 1) Pongal is one of the biggest harvest festivals of the Hindu religion. For whatever length of time that individuals have been planting and assembling nourishment, there has been a harvest festival. The third day is known as Mattu Pongal, the day of Pongal for cows. This four-day festival of thanksgiving to nature takes its name from the Tamil word meaning "to boil" and is held in the month of Thai (January-February) during the season when rice and other cereals, sugar-cane, and turmeric (an essential ingredient in Tamil cooking) are harvested. 3. Kites were created in China about 2,800 years ago. 3. For the bird, see kite (bird). Pongal is a four-days-long harvest festival celebrated in Tamil Nadu, a southern state of India. Pongal Festival is the harvest festival of South India. The second day, the Pongal day, is celebrated by boiling fresh milk early in the morning and allowing it to boil over the vessel - a tradition that is the literal translation for Pongal. 4. tamil - history - pongal thiruvizha Pongal is an ancient festival of the Tamils. Kites can be flown for fun, or in competitions.In India, people fly kites on Makar Sankranti.. History. First wipe off the center portion of the kolam for the stove, and put few lines of kolam in the center. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. Happy pongol Festival. 2. Few Lines on Pongal Festival 1. 4. All the women, young and old, of the house assembled in the courtyard. 10 Lines on Pongal – Set 1. This is not a surprise in a largely agricultural community - the riches gained from a good harvest form the economic basis for expensive family occasions like weddings. A common feature of the puja, in addition to the offerings, is the kolam, the auspicious design which is traditionally traced in white lime powder before the house in the early morning after bathing. It is celebrated on the winter solstice, when, according to the traditional Hindu system of reckoning, the Sun, having reached its southernmost point, turns to the north again and reenters the sign of makara (Capricorn), usually on On this day, a turmeric leaf is washed and is then placed on the ground. On the second day of Pongal, the puja or act of ceremonial worship is performed when rice is boiled in milk outdoors in an earthenware pot and is then symbolically offered to the sun-god along with other oblations. All people wear traditional dress and markings, and there is an interesting ritual where husband and wife dispose of elegant ritual utensils especially used for the puja. The celebration lasts for 4 days and it falls in the mid of January every year. Happy Pongal Wishes. People also prepare savories and sweets, visit each other's homes, and exchange greetings. Girls dance around the bonfire, singing songs in praise of the gods, the spring and the harvest. These lines will also help you while writing an short essay on Navratri, paragrapgh on Navratri or an article on Navratri festival etc. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, and Copyrights. Day 2 – Surya Pongal: Surya Pogal, also known as Thai Pongal, is celebrated on the second day of the festival. For as long as people have been planting and gathering food, there has been some form of harvest festival. Kites come in all shapes and sizes. 10 Lines on Onam – Set 3. In Tamil Nadu, women perform this ritual before bathing in the morning. Pongal was celebrated on 15th January. Share this on WhatsAppMakar Sankranthi : Makar Sankranthi is a Hindu Festival, celebrated in the name of Pongal in Tamil Nadu, Southern India Makar Sankranthi is a very well known harvest festival that falls in the month of January every year Makar Sankranthi falls on January 15 for the year 2015 The most famous mela […] The rice is placed in the center of the leaf, while the women ask that the house and family of their brothers should prosper. Multi-colored beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn and flower garlands are tied around the neck of the cattle and they are worshiped. The term 'pongal' in Tamil means "to boil", and this festival is celebrated as a thanksgiving ceremony for the year's harvest. The four days of the Pongal festival are known as Bhogi, Surya, Mattu and Kaanum. The offerings include the two sticks of sugar-cane in background and coconut and bananas in the dish. In the village, the Pongal ceremony is carried out more simply but with the same devotion. This first day is celebrated as Bhogi festival in honor of Lord Indra, the supreme ruler of clouds that give rains. Pongal, three-day Hindu festival held throughout South India. We are providing various essay on Pongal festival in easy English language. not to forget the lovely aroma of ghee, which is used for tempering these spices. 1. The first day of Pongal - The Bhogi festival. Boil water & milk (without the rice) in the paanai. The resounding of their bells attract the villagers as the young men race each other's cattle. All Rights Reserved. A kite is a flying object that is attached to the ground by a rope, or ropes. Pongal is one of the great Hindu festival celebrated in South India on 14th January. जानें पोंगल, Pongal, पोंगल का अर्थ, पोंगल कब है, pongal meaning in hindi, pongal festival in hindi के बारे में, पोंगल के बारे में, pongal in hindi

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