how to make a water bottle bird feeder

This upcycled water bottle bird feeder is easy to make with an empty glass bottle. Are you ready to make a bird feeder out of a plastic bottle to hang up for your feathered friends? What’s Needed. Found in my Flickr Set: Flickr Photos - Homemade BirdfeedersThis feeder was inspired by … The supplies are cheap or free and you can make … My intention was to make a pretty wine bottle bird feeder using a wine bottle … Help birds find clean and fresh water during winter by making and placing a water feeder in your backyard, in the … I personally don’t think those are very attractive. 1 Cap Water Bottle Bird Feeder: I call it '1 Cap' because I have a 3 cap version that I made first that works really well. These water bottle bird feeders made from plastic water bottles and perfect for wild birds including American goldfinches, Dark-eyed juncos, Purple finches, Indigo buntings, and more. The bird feeder attachment is intended for a plastic soda bottle. 1 Empty Water Bottle/Gatorade Bottle 2 Mixing Spoons Bird … This is a really simple water feeder that you can make using materials you can find at home. Sit back, relax and watch your lovely feathered friends enjoy their new bird feeder. This would be a great project to oversee with a group of kids or adults. Homemade Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder.

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