santol fruit in english

Fantastic post on Fruits. Santol fruit, botanically classified as Sandoricum koetjape, is one of two edible fruits found in the Meliaceae, or Mahogany family. Contextual translation of "santol fruit" into English. Santol. Santol Fruit Health Benefits – Santol fruit is native to indochina and Malaya peninsula. I really enjoyed it and learned some new words, particularly, surprisingly some English names for Sinhala fruit names that I new already!! Contextual translation of "santol fruits" into English. santol translation in English-Tagalog dictionary. If in the Indonesia called the harp, Sentul or wild mangosteen. Found 6 sentences matching phrase "santol".Found in 1 ms. Watch Queue Queue The fruit skin must be peeled leaving the rind and seeds to be pickled. Human translations with examples: fruit, santol, fruits, yard waste, cottonfruit, coton fruit, lubeg fruits. The santol fruit has many names according to their respective regions. Santol may refer to: Santol (fruit), a tropical fruit; Santol, La Union, a municipality in the Philippines; Santol, a barangay of Quezon City in the Philippines; an alternative name for Orobol, an isoflavone Human translations with examples: eba, pias, fruit, kamias, bugnay, aratilis, balimbing, igot fruit, kasoy fruit. – eg; Velvet Tamarind, and also the new Sinhala names I learned were: ga-du gu-daa(Langsat) and Ka-tu a-no-dha(soursop) – never heard of these two. Showing page 1. This video is unavailable. As for the seeds, these must not be swallowed as it caused deaths in Asia. Watch Queue Queue. This Fruit is widely found in tropical countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, and Central America. Custard apple Cherimoya, or custard apple , is a deciduous plant found in the high lying mountainous areas of South America. The santol fruit can be pickled in salt water and can be used as a side dish together with any rice meals.

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