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The gambit works and the Crimson Comet powers through, landing a hard haymaker on the hedgehog. While it is consistently stated that, , there are a few occasions where he has been harmed (. Popup: While Wally did need to steal speed for this, he also refused to fully tap into the Speed Force. Also worth noting other speedsters in DC like Barry can move time forward via pure speed, so Wally can pull off this same feat because of scaling. It also has sometimes been used to describe regions on Mobius, but that terminology is falling out of use.”, The character Zonic showing an overlay of alternate universe zones. This fight seems like a tie to me. The Flash (Wally West) vs Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics) Ohhhhhh boy. Aaahhh!~. I love both of these characters. Votes/Bets: Me: 9. Come on guys, just get a room, already. Boomstick: I feel like you're trying to give me the runaround. Register Start a Wiki. Forever! Add new page. In order to use the weapon, you need to program in a specific biosignature of an object you want to erase. Mwuahaha I love this question. Tell me, what cosmic insight have you learned? Or perhaps assume a stronger connection to the chaos force might grant more knowledge than a single power ring. With these two, speed is far more than simply moving fast. So Wally’s peak power should be in the same ballpark as Super Sonic. It’s causing a controlled system to break down due to unpredictable factors(chaos theory is what Eggman described btw). Gaining the form this way seems more sustainable and the power of the Super Emeralds seems to allow Sonic to speed up time by running or take on elemental variants of himself based on location (though we never see said variants fight). Sonic having a longer-lasting super form when he used it to go super and fight Enerjak(a fight that lasted hours) could be because of that. ... Wiz: Sonic, in his base form, really didn't stand a chance against Wally. Wiz: Applying the laws of relativity, as Wally's fist approaches lightspeed, its mass technically grows to an infinite degree, striking with kinetic energy equivalent to a white dwarf star, or about 2.6 octillion tons of force. Or it was meant to be a stylized depiction of what “blipping back into reality” was supposed to be. So an infinity of infinity. Ogilvie Maurice the ... Wally is still faster than Archie Sonic. Enerjak is a being whose, consciousness is merged with the Chaos Force, and who possesses echidna avatars, . “Could Sonic blow up reality during the fight?”. On the other side of that wormhole lies the Special Zone and the Flash crash lands on one of its planetoids. Wally doing things like, , the evil super sonic formed in issue 126, dissipates because the time limit runs out, , Sonic references super forms having a time limit. 99% Upvoted. Jokes aside, Archie Sonic vs Wally West is a complicated as hell MU and both of these guys just fucking spit in the face of logic. By gathering a large amount of chaos energy, he can transform into the almighty golden Super Sonic. Sonic man is Sonic’s robotized version made by Eggman/Wily. Surprisingly, however, Sonic survived the blast while Robotnik didn’t. Sonic (Archie) vs Flash (Wally West) | VS Battles Wiki | Fandom. Speed. It can also refer to smaller pocket dimensions like the Special Zone. That said, his One Billionth Ring aura does not count towards this resistance, as Sonic had it at the time his speed was stolen in the comics. Wiz: Ultra Sonic appears to possess all of Super Sonic's abilities and then some. Flash VS Sonic is the 132nd episode of DEATH BATTLE!, featuring Wally West from DC Comics and Archie Sonic from the series of the same name in a battle between ridiculously overpowered comic book speedsters. This nearly breaks Hal’s ring, and Hal states he’s using ALL his willpower. that are probably on the same level as Sonic anyway(So his protection might not be enough). Highfather even mistook them for the Source, which could actually put it beyond multiversal. Not that there are any particular weaknesses Wally has to take advantage of anyway. Additionally, Wally can vibrate his body fast enough to potentially create infinite mass punches. It’s like comparing a cube to a tesseract. And when it comes to their abilities, they are literally MIND-BOGGLING and INSANE! , though it’s implied to be an entirely separate being. Wiz: Honestly, he rarely did, but Sonic's a glutton for adventure and action, so over the years, he and the good Doctor formed an unhealthy co-dependent relationship. Real Name: Wallace Rudolph “Wally” West II. Wiz: Should Wally become unmoored, he can outrun the Speed Force itself, even running to the end of reality, where the concept of death no longer exists. Sonic boosts in front of Wally and the two start racing in the Cosmic Interstate. This is a far better breakdown on why Wally would win than the actual Q&A, and i honestly think you did a better job not trying to downplay Sonic the entire time and give him a chance, without sacrificing the evidence for Wally winning. On Comics and Graphic Novels, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Death Battle The Flash (Wally West) vs Archie Sonic *spoilers*" - Page 9. Trickster: (raising his mug) Got me again, Flash! I was that kid on the playground who ran with his hands behind his back. It is a fast-paced rock and techno track reflecting both combatants' speedy and chaotic natures. Hi guys :) In the next Death Battle will have the fastest man in the DCU Wally West taking on the fastest thing alive Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. Boomstick: Just like my conception, I'm told. Wally: Flash fact: I'm out of your league. In fact, technically given Sonic 06 was confirmed to have happened in the Archie Sonic timeline in the encyclopedia, Sonic had to have died while having this aura. VS Battles. This is most likely due to the fact that they amplify his speed when he uses them normally. Oct 20, 2020 Matching the Super Genesis Wave was technically a better feat than anything they’ve done since the Genesis Wave did affect the, entire Chaos Force according to the writer at the time, For those curious, Sonic also scales to Sigma in Worlds Unite, who is also probably multiversal. And he can literally make up powers with his speed such as vibrate his molecules to phase through matter, vibrate inanimate objects to make them explosive, run on clouds, able to read a whole library, commit what he … It’s not an ability he could just pull out in an instant to figure out all of Flash’s weaknesses or how to win the fight. 25. In other words, Wally is so fast he can blitz characters who already have infinite or immeasurable seed feats. Eggman never specifically stated it was Sonic’s ring aura that was connected to his nature as an “embodiment of chaos”. and while altered, they were fine(Heck Sally was actually revived). When the organic character Antoine was heavily injured and comatose, power rings couldn’t be used as such a quick fix. Sonic prevents the black hole from being formed by, so fast that the gears turning the machine go in the opposite direction, making it malfunction. Boomstick: Chaos wish power would be an insta-win against basically anybody, but chaos magic uses physical energy, and guess what? Heck, It can be implied he traveled to more universes in said issue since in a later issue Zonic says Sonic recruited all sonics for this event, though the original comic specifies it was several hundred trips and the exploration of additional timelines like dark/light Mobius in later comics contradicts his statement. According to the official Sonic Encyclopedia, “. LoboGuara5bruxaria/My Favorites Death Battles, Infinite earths were on the brink of total annihilation, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Battle Royale, it became the #1 trending video on the site in less than a day, Danny Phantom VS American Dragon Jake Long, https://deathbattle.fandom.com/wiki/Flash_VS_Sonic?oldid=1099646. He’s only stopped by whatever the fuck Titan Tails was supposed to be. Archie sonic and wally west can travel through dimensions run through the multiverse and are infinitely fast. Sonic was never in any danger during this event. “What does the term ‘Zone’ in Sonic refer to?”, According to the official Sonic Encyclopedia, “‘Zone’ itself usually refers to an alternate reality - an entire dimension. Popup: By vibrating through the fourth dimension, Wally becomes untouchable by anything occupying three dimensional space, making him virtually invincible as long as he keeps vibrating. But across a greater percentage of possible scenarios, Wally just happens to be the exception. So it might be confirmation bias. Maybe the solar system if you use the quantum dial. “What about the Super Sonic VS Hyper Knuckles Zone bust feat?”. While Rings restore speed, in one issue while Wally uses speed stealing to. Agreed. this once, it takes concentration, he almost passed out while doing it, and the knowledge he gained was vague. He can also vibrate through energy attacks and convert them into different kinds of energy. Due to some sabotage on the side of the Freedom Fighters, a malfunction occurred that caused the Ultimate Annihilator to explode and for its energy to bounce back across Sonic’s entire reality erasing everything in it for a fraction of a second. Impressive, but the Infinite Mass Punch could still deliver over two quadrillion times more power. Sonic: Ooh, I'd like to hang, but I've gotta juice! I was wrong. Yet despite all of his brilliance. Categories. Both are pretty good feats for that level of power. Technically there’s some semantics you could bring up regarding scaling since Super Sonic has either never, either of these two characters when they were at full power (Enerjak is normally, Anyways, personally yes, Super Sonic scales to them. I'll show you! Close. Wally West vs Archie Knuckles is a "What-If?" Everyone’s favorite anthropomorphic wisecracker returns to Death Battle for his third episode, now armed with an entirely new continuity of frankly absurd feats … From the way writer Ian Flynn described it, it’s basically just a substance that served as the “building block” for all matter and energy in the universe, and there was a small pool of it left characters could use for magical means. Stuff like Flash disrupting magic, the green, the microverse, and being mistaken as the source during his run with Barry also arguably make his multiversal feats even more impressive due to how those fit in the DC cosmology. This "chaos" takes physical form on Mobius in the shape of magical power rings and perfectly hewn emeralds. Popup: Through use of Power Rings, essentially accessible containers of chaos magic, has restored speed previously removed from him, much to Silver's chagrin. Sonic doesn’t really have super potent atomic alteration abilities outside speculation, while Wally ses such abilities far more often. It was never really stated that Sonic was “protected” from the effects of the first Genesis Wave because of it. Sonic was impressive, improbable, inexplainable, but Wally had the power, the counters, and the speed he needed to pull ahead in this absolutely mind-bending battle. And it’s not because Base Archie Sonic is unimpressive, it’s just he’s being compared to a League-tier DC superhero. Ultra Sonic unleashes the Chaos Control laser and it is a direct hit. Eggman’s original genesis wave, affected Sonic’s entire home reality and almost destabilized it, . For those curious, Sonic also scales to Sigma in Worlds Unite, who is also probably multiversal. Not only did this zone not exist in its previous form for years in canon (it was the Special Zone for a large chunk of pre-gen), its vibration nullification effects would not take effect fast enough to stop Wally from just leaving the dimension immediately. Anybody that disagrees tell me why you think that and debunk each one of their points. The time beam itself is not deadly on its own, as everyone in Knothole was under its effects when it hit them. And when it comes to their abilities, they are literally MIND-BOGGLING … Happy one year anniversary to the last time I made a giant-ass blog talking about misconceptions regarding a cosmic DC boi murdering the shit out of poor NAL. So it might be confirmation bias. And those early comic characters and concepts are referenced multiple times throughout Ian’s stories regardless. Yes and no. The form also can be obtained with a “Super Emerald” which is a special kind of emerald created from a series of crystalized Chao. “Can you explain UltraSonic and its powers?”. Without him even realizing it, fate bends to him. Wiz: Chaos itself. He can run around the entire Cosmic Interstate in less than a day, and that's a highway that cuts through the multiverse. No, not everyone is connected to the Speed Force. Sonic the Hedgehog, Archie Comics’ alternate universe counterpart to Sega’s Blue Blur. Sonic running while using a Super Emerald causes time to start moving forward at a faster rate, and him altering the flow of time is what attracts the beam (in the same way that it was attracted to Knothole due to its own unusual time flow). Hi guys :) In the next Death Battle will have the fastest man in the DCU Wally West taking on the fastest thing alive Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog. To first give some context behind it, in Issue 200, Eggman literally goes insane after being defeated by Sonic again.

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