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Fortunately, weighted blankets may be of some help in managing common manifestations of autism spectrum disorders. Let’s explore how weighted blankets work as well as the benefits and risks of using these therapeutic blankets. Using a weighted blanket feels like being hugged, which can trigger the production of serotonin and oxytocin (the “love hormone”) that makes you feel good and less stressed. By Sambit Barua Posted on November 23, 2020 November 26, 2020. Weighted blankets offer more health benefits because of the added weight and pressure on the legs. Why use weighted blankets for autism? The therapeutic benefits of weighted blankets for people with autism is related to deep touch pressure or DPT. It is primarily a great item to buy if your child usually fights bedtime, and it is difficult to put the child to sleep. What are the benefits of a Weighted blanket A healthy sleep routine is critical for our well being but conditions in children such as ADHD, anxiety or other sensory processing disorders make it very difficult for them to go to sleep and get a full night’s rest. Using this device will help you have a better night’s sleep. In fact, 78 percent of people who used weighted blankets in a study said they preferred it as a “calming modality.” 14. Weighted blankets are not just beneficial for kids and people on the autism spectrum, and they have benefits that can help everyone! Research suggests weighted blankets may benefit people with anxiety, autism, and insomnia, among other conditions. The main function of the weighted blanket is … Weighted blankets and deep-touch pressure benefits those without a specific sensory disorder as well. Nowadays, occupational therapists are increasingly using weighted blankets for patients as part of Sensory Integration Therapy. Weighted Blankets can benefit Autism symptoms, but can also reinforce negative behaviors. If you or your child has autism, anxiety or a sensory processing disorder, your doctor or occupational therapist may have recommended a weighted blanket as a way to help manage the symptoms. Before we dive into the benefits of weighted blankets, I want to share with you how they work. Positive Effects on Insomnia. Weighted vests and weighted blankets for autism –two common forms of deep pressure stimulation—are yet another piece to this ever-so complicated puzzle that never seems to be solved. Head to our article about weighted blankets and autism to learn more. Other studies have shown that autistic children can benefit from using a weighted blanket. A weighted blanket, also known as an autism or sensory blanket, is filled with materials that apply a deep pressure stimulation on those wearing it. Weighted Vest for adults with autism. One 2004 study involved participants complaining of sleep dysfunction, stress, and pain, and showed a reduction in nighttime cortisol levels while patients were “grounded” during sleep with weighted blankets. Weighted blankets are effective for alleviating the symptoms of depression, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, and autism. If you are looking to raise your autism awareness and need ways to reduce your child’s stress, anxiety, and improve their sleep, a weighted blanket can help. Weighted blankets have also been shown to benefit kids with autism and ADHD, as well … An autism spectrum disorder is a very complicated disease, but with the aid of weighted blankets, it can reduce complications and symptoms, improving the quality of life of the children afflicted with the developmental disorder. The weighted blanket comes with splendid benefits that can leave you amazed. This is simply gentle pressure distributed evenly across the body that produces a calming effect. For instance, therapists recommend up to 12 percent of the person’s body weight instead of 5 to 10 percent. Something To Consider. As we age, we’re at an increased risk of suffering chronic insomnia, which can lead to a host of health problems. If your child with autism craves deep pressure or has a hard time sleeping , try a weighted blanket for autism. However, certain adjustments can be made, so it fits the person’s age and preference. Weighted Blankets for Autism & Anxiety. How Does A Weighted Blanket Work For Anxiety? A weighted blanket for autism helps in more ways than just improving sleep quality. Combining a weighted blanket with an autism-friendly bed tent is the ideal option. Participants found it easier to settle down, fall asleep, and felt more refreshed in the morning. Weighted blankets have been prescribed by occupational therapists for years to benefit those on the autism spectrum. The science behind weighted blankets is that of Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) or Deep Pressure Touch (DPT).DPS is when pressure is applied by the hands, special massage tools, or a product—like a weighted blanket—that you can wrap around yourself or your child. Weighted blankets don’t improve sleep for kids with autism, according to one study. Researched-backed benefits to weighted blankets. Check out our 2019 complete guide. A weighted blanket is a blanket or comfort that is weighted to be heavier than a standard blanket or comforter. Weighted therapy blankets allow for something called deep pressure touch stimulation, which in turn produces serotonin, a neurotransmitter thought to be very influential on mood (as well as appetite, sleep, memory, and learning). Learn how gravity blankets can aid anxiety and promote total well being. Weighted blankets provide a number of benefits that include: Calming down the nervous system and making sleep easier. Many parents have observed the calming effect they can have on children with autism and sensory issues.. Helps the Elderly There are many ways weighted blankets may benefit the elderly. Welcome to Weighted Blankets For Kids – a resource for people seeking information on weighted blankets for children (& adults) with sleeping issues, autism, ADHD, SPD or anxiety. This is the primary benefit of weighted blankets and one that many people have […] This study from SciMedCentral found that sleep time increased while movement during sleep decreased when participants used a weighted blanket.. Weighted Blanket For Autism 2020. Whether you have a baby, a toddler, or a child, they can each benefit from a weighted blanket. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Said another way, a weighted blanket provides consistent proprioceptive input to the body and brain. Deep Touch Pressure from a weighted blanket can help relax muscles, increase circulation, reduce self-stimulatory behaviors, improve focus, and improve sleep. Weighted blanket benefits for your health and well being are plenty, and not just for insomnia, but also a wide range of mental issues like insomnia, autism and many more, including menopause relief. Find the right weighted blanket for your child with our recommendations. For many people, weighted blankets have become a routine part of stress relief and healthy sleep habits, and for good reason. We’ve written previously about the autonomic nervous system, and how weighted blankets essentially trick the brain into thinking there’s no danger in the environment, thus preventing bodily stress responses to occur. 5 Research-Backed Benefits of Weighted Blankets and Vests Weighted blankets and vests have been around as a therapy tool for a while now. They can even be useful for anyone dealing with anxiety. Benefits of Weighted Blanket. Weighted blankets can be a great tool for managing anxiety related symptoms for individuals on the autism spectrum with its use of tactile sensory input to calm the nervous system. I am a mental health therapist who works with children at the moment, and autism is a diagnosis I see often albeit, I work with kids who are higher functioning. Deep pressure provides the body with a firm tactile input, which is organizing and calming, versus a … If you are having trouble sleeping with your children on the autism spectrum, then a weighted blanket may be just what you need. There is a great deal of weighted blanket autism research. Benefits of a Weighted Blanket for a Child with Autism Sensory integration theory posits that deep pressure input provides a calming effect to the nervous system. Here are the benefits of using a weighted blanket: Reduces stress and anxiety. The weighted blanket also has added benefits because using deep touch therapy, it induces calm on the nervous system hence leading to longer, more restorative periods of sleep. The benefits of weighted blankets go beyond helping you get a good night's sleep. As the word implies, a Weighted Blanket is a cloth sort that has disks, poly-pellets, and glass or plastic polypropylene shells packed in a blanket… Thus, at the end of the day, weighted blankets can be a great help in caring for a child or adult with autism. In general, an increase in sleep quality was regarded as one of its greatest benefits. The weighted blankets are extremely easy to use. More Benefits of Using a Weighted Blanket for Autism. They are often filled with glass beads, cotton or other materials to apply a weight on the body which gives a sense of security and relaxation. When a child gets under the blanket, the extra weight exerts pressure, which stimulates touch receptors throughout the body. Other common benefits to using weighted blankets as a treatment method for patients with autism include: Reduced repetitive behaviors or “stimming” Increased communication; Decreased touch hypersensitivity; Increased body and spatial l … What Is Weighted Blanket? Weighted blankets are many times even eligible for reimbursement under some insurance plans. This study from 2015 suggests the benefits of a weighted blanket includes a ‘beneficial calming effect’ for those suffering from insomnia. An inexpensive weighted blanket will also offer quite a bit of saving when you compare it to other therapies and medications for autism. The science behind these weighted items is called Deep Touch Pressure (DTP). Weighted blankets have gained popularity with families that have children or adult members who have difficulty getting a good night’s rest. If you read our articles on weighted blanket therapy or deep touch pressure, you learned about the benefits of weighted materials for sensory regulation.. Much like a weighted blanket, but on a smaller scale, a weighted lap pad, or weighted lap blanket, is a sensory tool that offers proprioceptive or deep touch pressure to a person’s legs as it rests on his lap when in a seated position. How Does A Weighted Blanket Work? It all boils down to deep touch pressure and the increase in serotonin levels in the brain. Benefits of Weighted Blankets Resting under the firm yet gentle pressure of a weighted blanket is used to help treat autism, but can be beneficial for the general population Weighted blankets have been used for many years to treat autism spectrum disorder, but the calming affect offered by these blankets will with glass beads can help those with insomnia. Children who slept with the blankets didn’t fall asleep faster, sleep longer, or wake up less often. The use and benefits of weighted vests for children are the same for adults.

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