yarn equivalents charts

As with both knitting and crochet abbreviations and terms, there are many different naming systems and definitions. Knitting Chart Features: Needle conversions (UK/mm to US) Yarn conversions (UK to US). Here at Knit Picks, our in-house experts have created a handy yarn comparison chart that will make substituting yarns a snap! The chart below is a quick reference guide to the different yarn weights and can help with yarn substitutions. Yarn weights and needle size conversion chart. In this post, you will learn everything you need to know about yarn weights, including all of the different standards and names. The terms two-ply, three-ply etc are misleading, in this context they are historical categories of yarn diameter and don’t necessarily have any relation to the number of strands or plies in the yarn. Substituting yarns is a snap with our handy chart! Steel*** 6, 7, 8 Regular hook B–1: B–1 to E–4: E–4 to 7: 7 to I–9: I–9 to K–10 1⁄2: K–10 1⁄2 to M–13: M–13 to Q: Q and larger * GUIDELINES ONLY: The above reflect the most commonly used gauges and needle or hook sizes for specific yarn categories. With the plethora of beautiful yarns crossing the oceans every day, more knitters are getting in a tangle, particularly when substituting yarns. Yarn weights are confusing enough when you stick to one system. This helpful tool lets you search through yarn weights and similar fiber blends to find appropriate Knit Picks yarns that will work for your project. So I finally decided to just make this little conversion chart printable! Yarn weight (grams to … This includes a row titled “mm” which shows the recommended needle size in millimeters. N.B. Yarn Comparison Chart. Yarn Weight Conversion Chart.

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