5 Apps For Your Honeymoon

There is literally an app for everything, and if you’re getting married soon, you can use your mobile device to help you plan for and have fun on your honeymoon.

Whether you need help deciding where to go or where to eat while you’re celebrating your honeymoon, use the following apps to help you have an enjoyable experience.

1. Best Honeymoon Destinations

When it comes to your honeymoon, you want to go somewhere enjoyable and have a great experience. Since there are great places to visit all over the world, you may have trouble deciding where to go. Use BestHoneymoonDestinations to help you decide.

This app features great honeymoon destinations that offer the best experiences and amenities to honeymooners. It includes a wealth of information about the locations, including hotels, restaurants and contact information. They’ll even provide you with photos of things you can do while there as well as weather conditions and currency.


2. Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Mag

The magazine is a popular guide for soon-to-be married couples, and the DestinationWeddingsandHoneymoonMag app is even better. The app is dedicated to helping you plan your destination honeymoon with intimate detail.

Through the app, you can find the world’s most romantic travel destinations and get real life testimonials and advice from recent brides. The app will even provide you with resort suggestions, and you can browse through an array of stunning photography.

3. Instagram

Don’t forget to take photos while you’re on your honeymoon. Instagram is a great app for photo taking and altering. You can take a picture with the app and use one of several filter effects to give your photos a special look.

With the app, you can share your photos with your friends and family through the photo stream, so everyone can see exactly how you’re spending and enjoying your honeymoon.

4. Yelp

When you’re on your honeymoon in a new location, you may not know where to go when you’re hungry. If you are in the mood for Chinese takeout at 2am, you won’t know where to get it. That’s where Yelp comes in.

With this app, you can find restaurants in your area, and you can even search for specific results or filter through the results based on location, price, food or hours. You may even be able to score great discounts through the app too. If you want more information about a restaurant, the app will even provide you with contact information, and if you want to eat there, you’ll also be provided with directions.

5. Ovulation Calendar

There’s a good chance that you’re going to spend a great deal of your honeymoon making sweet love, and if you want or don’t want to make a baby in the process, the OvulationCalendar is a great app to have on hand.

This app will help you figure out which days of the month you’re the most fertile, so you can either take extra precaution or make more love while on your honeymoon.

Noah Parker lives in Denver and works with a travel agency.  He enjoys writing about golfing, surfing, and traveling in his spare time.  Noah also writes interesting articles for a Los Cabos golf resort.