5 Awesome Water Sports You Should Try When You’re On Vacation

5 Awesome Water Sports You Should Try When You're On Vacation

People that go on vacation usually opt for a certain type of vacation when they travel. For instance, some people prefer a vacation where they do a lot of sightseeing, while others are happy to sit by the pool reading a book and generally not doing anything!

But for others, the lure of spending lots of time on, in or under water is too great to resist! When I go on vacation, I enjoy doing some swimming as I think it’s nice to have some exercise when I’m not at home or work. Being an adventurous sort of guy, I also like trying my hand at all sorts of interesting water sports.

Here are some of my favorite water sports that I like to do when I’m on vacation:


Now I know that swimming is an obvious water sport, but for the sake of consistency I thought I’d mention it in my blog post. For thousands of years, people all around the world have enjoyed swimming either on a recreational basis or as part of a sports team.

The great thing about swimming is that when you’re on vacation, you can swim at your own pace. This means you don’t need to swim to a particular style or pattern; all you have to do is make sure that you are competent enough not to lose control and get in trouble!


I once took a vacation to Australia and had an awesome time snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland. If you are heading off to a destination such as a tropical resort, then I highly recommend that you do some snorkeling whilst you are there.

People of all ages can enjoy snorkeling and experiencing first-hand some amazing underwater life scenes that you would only ever see in photographs on the Internet or books, for example!


If you’re the “action man” (or woman) sort of person and you love getting involved in all sorts of action sports, then you should have a go at kayaking!

There are all sorts of awesome kayaking activities that you can get involved with, such as surf kayaking (which is similar in some ways to surfboard surfing), and whitewater kayaking for those of you that are into more extreme sports.


A sport that has grown in popularity in recent years, parasailing refers to the practice of being towed by a speed boat whilst being attached to a canopy (similar to a parachute). It’s a really fun thing to do when you’re out on a lake or large body of water somewhere, and if the speed boat is powerful enough, then two or three of you can be towed by the same speed boat!


For the surfers among you, when you are next on vacation and happen to be nearing a surfing area, you should try your hand at paddleboarding!

Essentially, paddleboarding refers to the art of swimming on a surfboard, either using only your arms to propel you, or standing up and paddling like in the photograph above.

There are plenty of experts in all popular surfing locations that can give you paddleboarding tips if you are new to the sport and want to make sure that you paddleboard safely and correctly.