5 Baby Health Tips a New Mother Should Know

Baby health

Baby healthHaving a newborn child is a blessing for any mother. But not only does it bring joy and happiness, it also brings about the responsibilities and duties of the new mother that she needs to be ready for. It is a very good thing when a mother knows the vital things that she needs to do to give her the best care that she can even if it’s still her first baby.

A new mother may still be quite nervous with regards to taking care of her baby. She may a lot of things in her mind that may cause her to worry too much. Listed below are 5 baby care tips a new mother should know to keep her baby as healthy as it can be while it’s still in the early stages of growth.

Always Keep Clean

Since the baby is still learning to adapt itself from the outside environment, it is still very much susceptible to different kinds of elements that may cause infections. This is mainly due to the reason that the baby’s immune system has not fully developed to protect itself from the elements. Before holding the baby, the mother should wash her hands first or use a good sanitizer. She should also advise anyone who would want to hold the baby to do the same.

Backbones are Still Fragile

The mother should be very careful in handling the baby’s head and neck area since the spinal cord and the necessary parts that should protect it has not fully grown. It is imperative that the mother should cradle and support the head of the baby when she is laying the baby on the sleeping mattress or holding the little baby upright.

Never Ever Shake the Baby

There have been a lot of fatalities involving newborn children because the mother shook the baby to keep the baby quiet or to wake the baby up. Doing this to your newborn can cause internal bleeding on the baby’s head that can lead to death. One should also not play with the baby the way one is juggling something in the air. This can lead to serious injuries to the baby especially at the times when the body is still not fully developed.

Take Your Baby Outside

It is highly advisable to take the baby outside the house every once in a while. The sun is still the best source of Vitamin D necessary to absorb calcium needed for healthy developments of the baby’s bones and teeth. It is also recommended rather than just staying inside the house staring at the crying or sleeping infant. Not only does staying outside gives the infant health benefits but it also provides relaxation for the stressed mother as well.


Breast milk is still the best for babies. The benefits an infant gets from the mother’s milk are just fascinating. When breastfed, infants are less likely to acquire an illness such as a stomach virus, ear infections, respiratory illnesses, and meningitis than their bottle fed counterparts. Colostrum, the very first milk the mother’s body products for the baby holds a substance called immunoglobulin A or IgA that guards the baby against infectious agents by forming a protective layer on your baby’s mucous membranes located in its nose, throat and intestines.

Following these useful health tips would surely ensure that you will have a very healthy baby ready to face the world and give assurance to the new mother that things will be just fine.

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