5 Best Forex Apps To Help You In Trading Forex With XFR Financial Ltd

5 Best Forex Apps To Help You In Trading Forex With XFR Financial Ltd

Trading on Forex market has been a great trend for the financial investors and many have made fortunes through this lucrative world of Forex. Due to its continuous growth and success, many brokers and developers have created apps for those who are willing to try their luck in the Forex world. Those who want to learn Forex trade, those who want to be on the top of all the financial news which affect Forex and those who want to do quick trading with XFR Financial Ltd have now got a great option of selecting a Forex app from a big range of available Forex apps in the mobile markets.

There are now hundreds of apps available in all forms and each bring some advantage to those who rely on them. Many of you who have already used Forex services in the past may be familiar with many apps shown below because the same brokers have created their official apps as well.

XFR Financial Ltd Recommends These Apps

Supporting Platforms– Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia

Bloomberg has made its name as the most reliable sources for financial information. This easy to use app is relied on the best Forex news available for the traders who want to see the latest business news and the charts. The user interface is simple and the quality of the app is top class making it as favorite Forex app of many users.


Supporting Platforms– Android, iOS

Xtrade is a respected Forex service that has already been the favorite of its desktop users. This app is developed by XFR Financial Ltd and its features and stability has already satisfied its PC users. The mobile app is a proof that the developers have brought all the features of the desktop into a stable mobile app with perfection.


Supporting Platforms– Android, iOS

This is the official Forex.com app and allows the users to view the rates for over 50 different Foreign currencies at present. The user intuitive interface is an advantage and is very simple to navigate with an easy access to all the information available in the app.

Trade Interceptor

Supporting Platforms– Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle

Trade Interceptor is a great Forex app for the traders and offers a host of great features related to trading. It is a useful application for those who want to perform a serious trading in Forex as well as CFDs. The user interface is very simple and readable and a live information, graphs and many other analytical tools are provided in this application.

E*Trade Mobile

Supporting Platforms– Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle

The user interface of E*Trade is very simple and it is simple to attract with lots of information. The app is popular among those who are professional Forex traders. The Forex app provides many features related to Forex and it comes with some handy features XFR Financial Ltd traders can use like voice recorder and a real time list of indices like DJIA, NASDAQ, 100 and S&P 500 quotes.

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