5 Best Free Video Player Apps For Android And iOS

Many smartphone makers have tried to give you the best video experience. Devices to properly play high-quality videos. Find a video player on a smartphone or tablet that meets all your expectations, It is not easy. Everyone loves to watch movies or video clips on smartphones. Here is the list of best selected video players for Android and iPhone devices.

BS Player

Offering a less aesthetic interface, BS Player is one of the excellent players. Compatible with dual and quad-core processors, The File Browser is comprehensive and allows you to browse all folders from the internal memory or a MicroSD card. It is one of the best windows player that can play all your media files and you can  enjoy the playback of HD DVD and AVCHD movies. It supports to  playback any YouTube video from internet connection, Another positive point, the player is able to play videos contained in RAR archives without extracting them. Ability to reduce the video in a corner of the screen, True File Explorer.


Reference video player, VLC has a successful navigation interface and easy to understand. Compatible with nearly all video formats and codecs, with the exception of iOS AC3 audio codec, VLC supports subtitle files but does not allow to download. However, VLC offers free Wi-Fi sharing mode allows you to transfer videos from a web browser, Ability to connect storage services in the cloud, But the drawback is Incompatible with the AC3 codec on iPhone, VLC player is also available for iOS and Windows operating system.

MX Player

This is probably the best video player for Android. Simple and intuitive, all the Subtitles are supported, It has a special feature Long press to Zoom while playing videos. Including support of Network streaming, available to download for android and iOS operating system. Available with a Hindi interface, It work’s very smoothly. Simple interface, Gestural controls, It offered a special feature that one you can also transfer your films in digital format.


It is one of the worthy video player for the iPhone, Closer to the file manager, it is able to run  any video format files. As with VLC, the drive offers a sharing feature that you need to connect the smartphone phone to iTunes, but using the web browser on your computer, Support  all subtitles languages, when you want to download this app, so you  must have iTunes installed with an active iTunes account, It can transfer files between two PlayerXtreme devices over Wifi.


This is one of the topmost video player for Android, iOS & Windows platforms, high quality. Video streaming, It can support more than 30 languages, If you have high-end design smartphone, This one of the best video player for you.