5 Best Things To Do In Vancouver

What do you need to do to remember your trip forever? Read below:

1. River Rock Casino Resort

Located right by the shore line this makes for one of the best casinos and as in the name, a resort. This is the largest casino located in the western part of Canada and is widely known for its great reputation. This casino roughly covers 70,000 feet that consists of about 900 slot machines, a poker room set up to hold 14 tables and a VIP room. With a variety of games to engage their customers they also offer a line up buffet that has a seating of 260. There is also a Racetrack and if you are interested you can take part in the off-track betting. This venue also has an intimate lounge that offers live entertainment that is known as Lulu lounge. Visit their website for more information here.

2. Visit Stanley Park

An amazing oasis scattered with endless labyrinth of hiking trails lies in the heart of the city. Stanley Park was born together with the capital of Canada at the 405 hectares of untouched nature. Huge Park, that has famed Lord Stanley in Canada, was founded on the rain forest site in 1888. This picturesque site has managed to be a survivor in the battle with the urbanization, becoming even more gorgeous. Natural world wonders like the roots, the old-timers whose diameter exceeds 5 meters, and huge ancient trees, harmoniously intertwined with Civilization Benefits.

3. Walk on the bridge, “Lions Gate”

You can’t go wrong calling Vancouver the bridges city. Among the twenty designs, crossing numerous rivers, anyone could find their own way: long or narrow, like a medieval street. Every path is a masterpiece example of architectural thought. But the greatest is the Bridge of the “Lion’s gate”, named in honor of the dominant urban landscape – two high peaks, named the Lions.

The external appeal of the “lions gate” the bridge owes the family of Guinness: thanks to donated by this family decorative lantern, the bridge illuminated by thousands of lights, became the diamond of the night views of Vancouver.

4. See the exhibition in the Museum of Vancouver

The most valuable historic heritage of Canada is collected in the largest civic Museum of the country. Vancouver Museum that is located in the Park Vanier and was founded in 1894. The museum wandered from show to show for years, until 2009.

In Vancouver Museum you will learn all about the city history: one of the exhibits tells a story about the turmoil 1930-1940’s, the other about the period when Vancouver was the capital of hippies. Virtual exhibition named “The Visible city” shows different neon signs, and most unusual, “Imaginary Vancouver, demonstrates how would this area of British Columbia “coulda, shoulda, woulda”. The Museum regularly holds family events, conversations with curators and educational seminars, creative workshops. Vancouver Museum is ready for excursions from 10 am to 5 PM daily except Monday.

5. Amusement Park in Vancouver

Amusement Park in Vancouver Playland, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is located in the Park Hastings and is the oldest amusement Park in Canada. Play land is a true Paradise for both adult and child. Visiting the Park, you are sure to find entertainment to your liking.

In Halloween Time, Playland turns into a real hell Park where all people around you are the actors dressed as the scariest monsters and maniacs, and the decorations and the house of horrors makes you feel like you a hero of a horror film.

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