5 Big Benefits About LTL Shipping

Are you seeking a company that can assist you with your warehousing and distribution or relocation needs? If so, less than truckload (or LTL) shipping can be a top-notch possibility for you.
Here are five advantages to choosing this logistics method over other choices.
1) Cost Effectiveness
Whether you operate a business, are part of a government organization or are a residential client who needs transportation of goods on a large scale, your bottom line is often the most important part of hiring a transportation company.
One great thing about less than truckload shipping is that it’s almost always less costly to obtain than full truckload shipping and other options.
If you are only taking up as much space as you need with a given shipment, this ensures that other companies may also be able to use the same run for their own shipments, thus maximizing space economy.
When you use full truckload shipping and all spaces are not full, businesses must often raise prices to reflect this loss.
2) Accommodates a Range of Products/Companies
There are many different things you can ship with this method, and thus quite a few companies can take advantage of LTL logistics.
Refrigerated trucks can supply the cold conditions necessary to transport perishable food items like dairy, meat, fish, etc.
Vehicles kept at specific temperatures also make it easy to transport plants, antiques, medicine and other things that may require controlled conditions.
This can be nice when you want to ensure your products retain their quality and thus their marketability.
3) Domestic/International Services
Having your items transported via tractor-trailer isn’t the only option available to you, and thus you can get both international and domestic transport when required.
You can also have things moved by air, by sea and by train. This opens up whole new avenues of commerce and relocation to clients who require some unique methods and “out of the box” thinking.
4) Quick Delivery
Believe it or not, it typically takes less time for you to receive LTL freight than if you shipped via other methods.
This is due to a few different factors. For one thing, there is less handling necessary with fewer items. Also, the vehicle has to stop less often with fewer pieces, and weigh-ins take less time.
You can also get better tracking for the most part when fewer items are being dealt with at one time.
5) A High Level of Item Protection
In warehousing management and other cases, the condition your freight arrives in is of the utmost importance.
Luckily, LTL usually takes good care to carefully pack and place your merchandise to prevent damage.
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