5 Brilliant & Less Known Ideas For An Effective Social Media Marketing Campaign

There are more than 800 millions Facebook users, as well as over 300 million Tweeter accounts. When it comes to business owners, it is obvious that using such social networks for marketing and advertising is a brilliant idea, not to mention about the possibility to transmit messages to a wide audience.

It is very important to know that most social media users are spammed and hit with ads and marketing messages everyday. Therefore, the secret stays in your ability to find a better solution to reach to your audience. In other words, business managers are supposed to reveal their human sides on social media websites, come up with interesting things, be authentic and very honest.

Before Typing…

Make sure that you pay attention to everything around your profile between writing a status message or a tweet. Look for your friends or visitors’ profiles and learn about the respective industry. Double check the profiles of your competition as well, since they might carry a lot of useful information. The more you know about the common problems and interests in this industry, the easier it is to come up with an informed message that draws some attention.

Discussing With Your Audience…

A lot of companies fail to implement the right techniques in social media, hence the necessity of a marketing course. You cannot just tell your audience to follow or like your page, like most managers do. Instead, provide an actual reason wherefore people might be interested in subscribing to your page. For example, never tell your followers to like the Facebook page of your book selling company. Instead, invite them to get answers to all the questions they might have about economy or particular writers.

Ask Questions

There is a reason for the inactivity on your Facebook page. It is less likely to get any random answers or start conversations without asking any questions. Therefore, come up with simple and smart questions. After all, social networks are designed to engage users into a conversation. Marketing or promotion is not a primary goal, but just a feature that comes along. If you run a restaurant, putting out a status with the latest special offer – a pizza and a free drink – will not draw any messages, but just a few links. Instead, try to ask your audience what their favorite topping is.

Pictures And Videos

People love pictures. They want everything to be instant over the Internet, so they would rather like and share a picture than a long text. Plus, a detailed image will most likely tell stories that no other text can.

Take Your Time

Spend at least half an hour discovering social media networks. You should not join with the one and only purpose to advertise for something. Instead, discovering small features and learning about various opportunities can open a lot of doors. Besides, the same environment is also entertaining and can represent a great time killer.

In conclusion, social media is clearly a factor that can work wonders on your business, as long as you use it by the book. A little education can prevent making the most common mistakes in this industry without even realizing it.

Author Bio 

Suzanne Middleton is guidance counselor who blogs about education and it’s importance in society. On top of her Diploma in Psychology, she has a Diploma of Management and has worked in the HR department of various institutions.