5 Careers That Make The World A Better Place

Some people believe that all careers benefit society to some degree, at very least because they contribute financially to society. There are certain careers that indisputably benefit not only society, but that also work to make the world a better place to live in. Many of these careers are largely overlooked because of how common they are, but that does not undermine how very much they improve and maintain quality of life for people around the globe.

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Medical careers clearly contribute to making the world a better place. Standard medical practitioners help people around the globe to maintain and improve their health every day. Other doctors bring life into the world, or save lives. Surgeries that save or enhance the quality of lives are performed constantly in the medical community. Nurses provide compassion and wisdom for those with questions, minor needs, or the elderly. Therapists aid people’s bodies and minds in recovery and growth. Through all of the variety of medicine, it is clear that those with medical careers get to be a vital part of improving the quality of lives around the globe, thus making the world a better place.

Social Work

Those who make their careers in social work are often taken for granted and underpaid for the importance of their roles in society. Social workers of all types step into the lives of the most needy people. Many people choose to believe that the “needy population” should help themselves out, ignoring the brokenness of the human condition. Social workers see past brokenness and offer hope to those in situations they did not choose, and to those who don’t recognize that they could live in a better world. People in social work handle unforeseen crises in ordinary people’s lives as well as effect positive change in parts of the world that seem worse than death and impossible to escape. When the unthinkable happens, social workers are there to navigate grief, tragedy, difficulty, and complicated procedures in order to find hope.


There are many jokes made about those related to law, especially lawyers. People often see those with law careers as greedy and manipulative. While there are lawyers who use their professions for the wrong reasons, law is necessary to the welfare of society and for the protection of those living in this world. Lawyers make the world a better place by navigating the complicated ethics and circumstances of human society in order to ensure that every individual enjoys their rights to prosperity, opportunity, and the pursuit of happiness.


Often thought of more as nuisances than benefactors of society, police officers have an important career aiming to make the world a safe, secure, and happy place. They are the first on the scene of any crisis, accident, or crime. Police officers make a career of stepping in to aid those in their most vulnerable moments. They also function to ensure safety we forget to care about, like making roads and drivers obey laws intended to protect society, or by being able to safely guide or escort someone lost, vulnerable, or experiencing an emergency.


It might sound cliché, but teachers certainly can make their careers about making the world a better place. They protect, guide, and raise up society from its youngest age, introducing people to the world as it is, and as they may be able to make it be. Those with careers in education interact with the children, youth, and young adults that makeup society, for better or for worse. Thus, educators have the opportunity to make the world a better place.

Amy Gallen is a CPS worker and guest author at Best Social Work Programs, a site with guides and information to help prospective students evaluate the top online social work programs.