5 Cars Your Mother Wont Like

Mothers can be notoriously outspoken on the choice of their children’s cars. They have a million different opinions on how to buy a car, when to buy a car, how much to spend on a car and what kind of car to buy. But isn’t that what mothers are for – to share their motherly wisdom by giving their opinion whether you like it or not? If your mother is a nit-picky and overprotective sort, here are five cars your mother won’t like complete with the reasons why.

1. Sport Utility Vehicles – Your mother may object to an SUV on the basis of expense and danger. SUVs are notorious for being gas guzzlers because they are heavy (which eats up more gas) and fuel inefficient. There are also a lot of safety issues related to SUVs, such as blind spots, risk of rollovers, lack of safety testing due to some SUVs being classified as trucks, and difficulty in handling due to size. The National Highway Safety Traffic Administration says that SUVs are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents due to problems with stopping. Hummers are reputed to be the most dangerous SUVs of all.

2. Convertibles – Ever seen that humorous little comic floating around about an exchange between a father and a child? “Go put on a sweater – your mother is cold.” Some mothers think convertibles are simply too cold for their darling children -why ever would you want to drive around with the wind in your face, you’ll catch a chill. They may also believe that if you get into an accident with the convertible, you are more likely to be hurt since you have less protection due to lack of an actual roof – you could get thrown out of the car.

3. Luxury cars – Mothers may protest at the purchase of a luxury car since you could probably be investing your money more wisely in their opinion. And it’s so ostentatious, are you trying to make other people feel bad since they don’t have a car as nice as you do? Plus, if you’re a guy, mother might suggests that girls will only want to go out with you because of your car, not because they actually like you.

4. Mini-cars– Mom might appreciate the fact that you’re trying to save money by buying a minicar, but what will happen if you get into a car accident? The bigger car always wins, and your tiny little car will get crushed into a pancake on the pavement.

5. Jeeps – What do you need a Jeep for? Off-roading is dangerous! And you look like an idiot with those big wheels. On a more practical side, jeeps are known to be more dangerous due to having a higher centre of gravity, which increases the risk of rollovers. They also have been criticized for producing pollution in wilderness areas that normally don’t have pollution since regular cars can’t travel to these places. Those are just a few reasons your mother might not want you to have a Jeep.

We all love our mothers but – at the end of the day – you should probably purchase a car that you want to drive!

Trevor is from a website named Complete Car; it is a site for Canadian drivers.