5 Characteristics Of Successful Franchisees

Starting your own business usually requires the creation of a detailed business plan, plenty of market research and extra work to build brand recognition when you get started. Buying into a franchise can eliminate all of this work. You will still need the right drive and characteristics to succeed as a franchisee. All franchise businesses benefit from the marketing efforts of the entire brand, but this can’t make up for poor customer service or bad management practices. Develop these five characteristics before signing a franchise contract if you are serious about making your new business a real success.

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Learns From Others

Great franchisees are ready to learn from the support team from the parent company and their fellow franchise owners. These people aren’t afraid to ask questions when they need help and they aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel. Any established franchise will have successful examples of business owners that expanded the brand through hard work and innovation. Learn from these examples to get a head start on success instead of struggling to manage tasks and delegate work in your first few years of operation. Failing to take advantage of free support and advice from your franchise is just a waste of the fees you have paid.

Sets Reasonable Goals

Learning some goal setting skills is the best way to prepare for owning your own business. Franchises succeed when their owners are consistent in their efforts to improve the customer experience or raise quarterly earnings. Each week and month should have minor goals that add up to move you down the road towards your major targets. Any idea of success can become a realistic target if you break it down into the smallest steps and keep working towards it. Being able to share these goals with your employees or partners is also crucial.

Hard Working

Starting your own business is hard work no matter what route you choose. Becoming a franchisee takes just as much hard work on the personal level as opening any other type of business. If you struggle with self-discipline and need your boss to consistently remind you of deadlines you may need to work on this issue before taking the leap to self-employment. The best franchisees are dedicated and driven individuals who don’t let anything stand in their way. Working a few late nights or weekends is nearly unavoidable when you manage a successful business.

Avoids Unnecessary Risk

Many people assume that you have to take big risks to jump ahead of the competition when running a franchise business. However, the franchisees that succeed in the long term are actually more conservative with their choices. Sticking to the tried and true methods of marketing or customer service pay out over the course of many years as trends and fads come and go. Great franchisees know how to calculate the benefits and risks of any major change. Some risks are worth taking, while others will bring nothing but bad news.

Wants A Proven System

If you want to create a revolutionary business that has never been seen before, franchising may not be for you. Franchisees choose established business systems because they are reliable and much easier to start with. Securing the business loan you need is much easier when you have a proven business plan straight from the franchiser. You can point to the dozens or hundreds of thriving businesses that already use the same model instead of trying to sell your unique point of view. Sticking to the system is part of success in the world of franchises, and the top franchisees understand how to adapt their techniques to the system.

Rob Warren is a business advisor and guest author at Top-Business-Degrees.net, a site with information and resources to help prospective students review the best business degree programs.