5 Classic Movies About Computer Geeks

We all love watching a movie about a geek who ultimately saves the world or finds the love of his life. Seeing a geek end up marrying the hottest girl in school always seems to give us a hope that things can become better in our own lives. One of the ways in which we can sit back and enjoy learning more about the lives of geeks is by watching films about computer geeks. These five classic films are beloved by us for the adorable ways in which they portray our favorite computer geeks.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by Carlos Varela

The Matrix

This film is about a female computer hacker who also happens to be one of the hottest women in the world. If you want to see a woman take on the role of smart dominatrix, then this is the film to see. The Matrix has won numerous awards for its special graphic effects.

The Social Network

When Mark Zuckerburg created the Facebook empire, he likely had no idea that he would become one of the nation’s billionaires. This film shows all of the challenges that Mark Zuckerburg faced in creating Facebook, and the way in which it originated as a social network for only college students. This film also portrays the foray of Mark Zuckerburg into an elite social world, complete with hot romances.

Napoleon Dynamite

For those of us who love to see a true nerd in action, Napoleon Dynamite is the film to watch. As the ultimate nerd, complete with wide-rimmed glasses, Napoleon Dynamite shows what it means to be a nerd in the present decade. The film allows us to see what a nerd does on a daily basis, even if it is petting llamas or drawing pictures of llamas. No one will be able to forget the way in which this curly-haired nerd made us all have a greater love for the nerds in our own lives.


There is nothing better than a film that combines the unique talents of Michael Douglas and Demi Moore. In the film, Michael Douglas plays the role of a computer specialist who is sued for sexual harassment. The lawsuit threatens to harm his career, and he is even taken into court. This film shows just how suave a true computer geek can be when needed!

American Pie

In this film, we see a group of high school students attempt to lose their virginity before the big prom night. The main character, an ultimate nerd in his own right, finally finds love with another nerd. This computer geek falls in love with a band nerd, and the two make an adorable and nerdy couple. One of the most humorous parts of the film is when the computer nerd’s plans backfire and a video of him and a beautiful woman is released to the whole high school.

These films have all given us a greater love for the nerds in our lives. Watching these films will make you laugh, and get a better sense of what it is like to be a nerd! When you are able to end up with the hottest girl in school, being a nerd isn’t all that bad!

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