5 Design Trends That Never Go Out Of Style

When we think of “trends”, we think of fads that are over almost as quickly as they begin. Home design is a little different, though; it covers the enduring home features most desired by homeowners. Home décor is a very subjective area- style is highly personal, and it’s more about the broader details than one piece. Whether you’re a homeowner who’s decorating for the first time, or you’re considering a style change, it’s helpful to know some of the home décor basics. Here are five design trends that have stood the test of time.

  1. 1.    Country:  This style is not only perennially popular, it’s also very creative. Rustic themes are prevalent, as are a bright mix of colors and patterns where accessories and fabrics are concerned. Florals and gingham are mainstays of country décor; so are wrought iron and wood, pottery, and vintage signs.
  2. 2.    French country:  Distinctive lace and toile fabrics and distressed finishes are commonplace in French country décor. To evoke a feeling of Provence, grapes, sunflowers, lavender and wrought iron light fixtures are often used. If you choose this style, aim for a mix of textures and colors; many French country-decorated homes feature plastered walls and natural wooden beams.
  3. 3.    Contemporary home:  Bold colors and vibrant styles in furniture and accessories are common, and focused more on fun than function. Geometric shapes, acrylic and metal furniture, abstract sculptures and bold lines lend an art deco feel.
  4. 4.    Cottage home: Inspired by Cape Cod, this home décor style uses decorations made of sisal, wicker, wood and whitewash to evoke a light, casual ambience. Light, natural fabrics and botanical-themed accessories are common, as are muted shades of sea green, blue and beige.
  5. 5.    Traditional:  This décor style is all about welcoming and warmth. Cozy area rugs, warm wood (such as oak internal doors), fringed pillows and printed fabrics are part and parcel of traditional décor. Traditionalists aim for a sense of balance; if a lamp on an end table looks good at one end of the sofa, a matching one should be placed at the other end. Silk florals, oak skirting and still life paintings are common decorating choices.

To help you put together a new look for your home, you don’t need a decorator or a designer, but if you can afford it, a professional could bring an unbiased opinion and a new perspective to your home’s décor. They could help you see potential in things you already have; that way, you won’t have to scrap what’s there and start from scratch.

Decorating your home may seem almost overwhelming, but it will be much easier if you view it as an extension of your personal style (much like putting together an outfit). Your style is largely determined by your preferences and your personality, and you can develop your style to the fullest whether you live in a house, a condo or an apartment- creating a stylish home in which you are at ease means that you’ll be creating a happy home, too.

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Photo: Jeremy Levine Design