5 Dishes That You Cannot Miss If You Are In Lucknow

Lucknow, the city of Nawabs is not only popular for it’s heart warming culture but the city is also highly renowned for their delicious ranges of food items that will make you even lick your fingers. The city is filled with unique food paradises where you can have the exotic and traditional food items. The city is specially very well remembered for its non-veg flavor and many claim that the city of Nawabs ranks first when it comes to the chicken cuisines specially. Here are five of the most popular cuisines in Lucknow that you cannot afford to miss at any cost:

Kabab Paratha:

If you ever come to Lucknow, then you must have a taste of the delicious kebab paratha that is available in the various restaurants across the city. The kebab paratha is amongst one of the trademark dishes in the city and you can found it easily in any non-veg corner or restaurants. There are also some very old and traditional shops where the kebab paratha’s taste will give you a hint about the flavor of Nawabi Lucknow. You can also avail on the zomato offers in various top restaurants across the city to get attractive discounts and extra stuffing on your order.

Mutton Biryani:

Mutton Biryani is another nawabi cuisine in the city that is one of the most popular dishes. The restaurants in the city offer you with tasty mutton biryani which tastes way different than when you have it in any other place. People from various corners come to the city to have a taste of Lucknow’s famous Mutton Biryani. Especially, when you go through the chowk area, you can discover various restaurants that will give you a peep into the exotic Awadhi flavor.

Handi Chicken:

Another exotic innovation of the Lucknowites, the handi chicken is one of the most revered dishes that you can find in the capital of Uttar Pradesh. It has got its name from its method of cooking as it is cooked in a handi which is a very rare sight. By making use of your swiggy coupon, you can also get discounts and offers on your bills in most of the top food-courts in Lucknow.

Falooda Kulfi:

If you come to the dezzerts, the city offers you with a completely different floor of Kulfi. The falooda kulfi of Lucknow is well-renowned across the India because of its unique taste. Impressed by its popularity, various restaurants across the country offer you with Falooda kulfi now. But if you want to feel the real essence and Awadhi flavor, then you have to eat one in the Lucknow.

Gulabi Chai:

Although the word Gulabi chai sounds awkward but its essence and taste makes you a big fan of the dish. The dish is mostly available during the eid season and if you are that lucky to visit Lucknow during that period, you can definitely add a fresh and refreshing flavor to your taste buds. When taken with imarti, it is a unique and delicious breakfast for you.