5 Effective and Healthy Habits Of A Successful Call Centre Manager

When it comes to a BPO industry customers want all their problems to be resolved immediately and efficiently without any hassle and the call being transferred. Call centre managers generally require a great deal of endurance and grace in order to handle the pressure of their call centre employees, creating an environment that would help them please their clients and customers without minimizing their budgets. Given below are the 5 essential and healthy habits of a successful call centre manager.

Training the employees: Training the agents of your call centre would not just make them well versed in the products and services you are offering, but would also help them face your brand. And in order to perform well in a superior level of a call centre organization they need to have the right knowledge given, handling the calls bringing back the right efficiency. The competency here is rendered when the agents have the right skill and training.

Taking the right call that you handle: Matching the right customer with the right executive is one of the skills that each and every call centre industry must know, as this is something that works for a positive relationship. Customers generally like to talk to the same person each and every time so have your call centre built around the same assumption. And off course customers would be using the automated IVR system where individuals would like to talk to the person on immediate basis and without any delay.

Placing yourself in the shoes of the agents: When was the last time you picked the headsets and have acted as an agent. You could be surprised with the things you get to learn during the entire practice. It would help you get a clear idea and understanding on all the challenges that your agents have been facing, helping you redefine your contact centre strategy to improve the entire process. More over a manger is generally seen to act as an agent who could gain a lot of respect from the subordinates and agents.

Having a talk with your agents: Agents are generally considered to be invaluable research and feedback tool for you and your business organization. They are believed to be the voice and ear for your organization as they tell you what’s important and what is not important for your customers, and how your competitors are performing in the market. They are the agents who are able to provide you with multitude ideas on how you could make the entire process and serve your customers in a better manner. This would not just again help in gaining feedbacks but would make your agents feel that their voice is heard; their opinions matter and are the most important part of the organization.

Using idle time as your advantage:
Call centre agents do have a fair deal when it comes to the ideal time. But effective managers would here require harvesting the ideal time by having the administrative tasks completed, training, mentoring and many more etc. This leads the call centre agents to make use of their idle time having a positive impact on the performance.

By using the above mentioned traits of a highly and effective call centre managers would not just help and guide your business organization on its journey but would also help in improving the customers service. So if you have come across any other essential habit then do leave your comments below and we would be happy to hear them.

Author Bio:

Abhishek Jain has over 10 years of experience within the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services and Contact Centre Services Malaysia. His major goal here is to help the organizations aware of the information, issues, methods and tools that could help them deal with the Outsourcing industry.