5 Entry-Level With Amazing Career Advancement Opportunities

Recent economic troubles have many workers wondering which jobs have the best room for advancement. The downturn in the economy has caused many job seekers and recent graduates to look for jobs that have consistent hiring records and offer stability. The following list compiles the top 5 best bets when it comes to landing a job that will keep you working and climbing the ladder to success, no matter what the economic forecast.

1. Phlebotomy
A phlebotomist will collect blood and other samples for patients and also prepares specimens for analysis in the laboratory. They will also conduct interviews with patients, check vital signs and draw blood. The average starting salary is around $30,000 and the job requires that you have a high school diploma or equivalent in addition to a certification. This healthcare technician field is rapidly growing as blood and other samples are used for more and more research within the medical setting. This type of career will report to a manager or supervisor of a department in most cases and allows advancement in both administrative and managerial capacities. These types of jobs will usually offer great medical benefits.

2. Real Estate Advertising
This commission based work may not seem like the best bet with the current housing market but the fact is that more homes are for sale than ever. What realtors are seeking are qualified candidates that can make certain that their properties are being seen by the right people. This career leaves room for advancement in a wide variety of ways including home sales and both private and commercial reality. Account management positions are also available to candidates in this filed. While the job is commission based, the average salary range is in the high 30’s to low 40’s to start, with room for rapid advancement and the ability to earn far more. While the benefits package that comes with this career is usually less than stellar, this can be offset with earning potential.

3. Financial Analysis
Financial Analysts are needed now more than ever as businesses seek ways to trim costs and improve worker productivity. Analysts can also help businesses to expand into new markets in order to hedge themselves against fluctuation in local economies. Job seekers will need at least in undergraduate degree in accounting or finance and the salaries begin in the $30-$40 thousand dollar range. This type of job leaves room to advance into both consulting and administrative positions. Benefits package vary greatly depending on the size of the firm and the number of employees that are involved.

4. Education Specialists
This career offers a wide variety of different employment opportunities ranging from early childhood education to college level counseling. The number of special needs children has been steadily rising and this has caused a need for a whole new type of teacher and administrator to keep things running smoothly. While careers in education will usually start with a low salary, the earning potential increases exponentially when you work your way into administrative positions. Educational background should include an degree in education and an advanced degree that can be earned once you are already working in the field. Benefits packages for educators are usually extensive and they also allow for much paid training to help and advance your career.

5. Web Design/Online Security
The internet is here to stay and the sky is the limit when it comes to what software developers can earn. One of the best parts about this type of career is that you can easily branch out on your own to increase your earning potential. Benefits packages for those who work for firms are basic and average and salaries will range in the $30,000 area. This career leaves much room for entrepreneurial advancement in addition to advancement within corporations and firms depending not the ingenuity and performance of the individual.

Donna Yates is a health care practitioner with over 8 years of experience in the health care industry. She is also the creator of Phlebotomy Training Book, a website which provides career advancement guidance and employment advice for phlebotomists.