5 Essentials For Your Backpacking Hunting Trip

5 Essentials For Your Backpacking Hunting Trip

Getting ready to take a hunting trip can be a fun time. You’ve got your backpack loaded up and ready to go. Or, so you thought. Here are a few essential items that you want to make sure you have on your list so that you can have a successful hunting trip.


It is simply comical how many people forget to pack water for their backpacking hunting trip. You need to be able to nourish yourself when you get thirsty. You should have a few bottles of water readily available in your bag for such occasions. The amount of water you’ll need will highly depend on the number of days that you’ll spend hunting.


If you’re looking to get the full hunting experience, your day is going to start before the sun comes up. Having a headlamp is super important to help avoid hazardous obstacles while keeping your hands free. Trying to carry around a flashlight and your rifle at the same time can get a little difficult. Even if you don’t plan on hitting the land until it is daylight out, it’s still a good idea to have a headlamp in case you run into the dark hours gutting your trophy.

Your Rifle

Speaking of hunting rifles, you need to make sure you have yours with you. You should have your rifle prepared for the hunt. Whether that means putting on any special grip for the stalk or changing out the scope. You also should have spare ammo readily available in your backpack in case you find yourself empty throughout the day.

Game Bags

Depending on your game of choice, you may be cutting up your trophy right there on sight. Having game bags is a great way to preserve the meat and carry it back to your camp. Even if you’re hunting small game, such as whitetail buck, a game bag can be very helpful to keep the heart and other edible organs when gutting your prey safe from damage.

Rubber Gloves

If you’ve ever gutted your prey before, you know that your hands get all bloody. When it’s cold outside, running your hands under a cold water bottle can have you getting chills. Packing a simple pair of rubber gloves can help to ensure that your hands stay clean and dry when gutting your trophy.

Taking a backpack hunting trip can be a fun experience. Properly preparing for your hunt can make all the difference in how it goes for you. The above are five essentials you must make sure you have for your next backpack hunting trip.