5 Exciting Places To Have Fun In Bahrain

5 Exciting Places To Have Fun In Bahrain

The abundant natural resources, numerous amusements and modern amenities makes Bahrain an irresistible choice for spending your holiday. Your trip begins immediately you set your foot in the country but the challenge comes with which places to visit since they are countless. You do not have to be confused, following are top 5 mind-blowing places that guarantees you a successful vacation in Bahrain.

1. Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

Your vacation in Bahrain cannot be complete without a visit to this hilarious water park. The place is packed with great rides that can be enjoyed by both children and adults. What a perfect way to get away from the heat. Remember to carry your sunscreen and sandals if you want to enjoy the park to the fullest. So far this is the only themed water park available in the Middle East. The lovely adventures are worth your investment of time and money. Apart from the memorable adventurous activities, the staff in this mind-boggling place are so friendly. It makes you to come back.

2. The Tree of Life

The idea of driving miles to see a tree does not seem exciting but the history behind the tree is what makes it a top attraction in Bahrain. No mind has been able to comprehend this mysterious scenery. The visible water source puzzles many visitors. The tree of life is as old as 500 years and it is still getting greener in the middle of the desert as years pass by. The tree lures a large of tourists from across the globe due to this baffling essence. It is the only living thing standing in the desert. The citizens of Bahrain believe that this is the exact spot of the biblical Garden of Eden. This is definitely a must visit sight.

3. Adhari Park

If you are looking for a place that is suitable for the whole family, then Adhari Park is your number one choice. The park is loaded with 38 indoor and outdoor rides which guarantees you complete leisure fulfilment.

4. Bahrain Dolphin Park

There is nothing more interesting like swimming with dolphins and only a few get the chance to do so. Well, Dolphin Park in Bahrain offers you the chance of bringing your fantasy into reality. You also get to witness refined water tricks performed by the dolphins.

5. Bahrain National Museum

This popular tourist attraction hold the country’s history which will leave you amazed particularly if you come from another country. The sight is walking distance from the city centre and has no entry fee. Do not forget to carry you camera and capture pictures of this beautiful landscape. There is plenty to keep you entertained for hours such as exhibition of sculpture and arts.

Bahrain provides you with unlimited options of making your vacation enjoyable as well as unforgettable. Bahrain visa is the only thing that is preventing you from exploring these exciting places in this lonely planet. Good news is that you do not have to visit the embassy of Bahrain in your state, you can as well as apply for your visa online from anywhere in the world.

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