5 Famous Entrepreneurs That Lost It All

Money, money, money. The world has a lot of it and namely some incredibly lucky people such as famous entrepreneurs. The road to success is not an easy one and is riddled with potholes and bumps. Some famous entrepreneurs have gone from rags to riches and back to rags. Here is a list of 5 famous entrepreneurs that made millions and even billions and then lost it all.

1. Jordan Belfort

This is one of the most famous entrepreneurs in the world that made of our list and that lost it all. Jordan Belfort once live the high life filled with private yachts and jets. He made his millions as a stockbroker and it has been reported that by the young age of 25, he was worth a staggering $250 Million. The infamous trading movie, ‘Boiler Room’ was inspired by him and his firm. This famous entrepreneur lost his millions after he was stripped of his fortune when the FBI charged him with money laundering and fraud.

2. Kim Dotcom

This famous German entrepreneur made millions from the internet as so many others and created the fist file sharing application. This famous entrepreneur lost it all and his fall from grace was riddled with criminal activities. It has been said that his fortune was made through many illegal activities such as computer fraud, embezzlement and insider trading.

3. Donald Trump

This must be the most famous of entrepreneurs in the world that has lost it all many times and still reins king. The Trump recently filed for bankruptcy again in last November after his casino operations failed. It seems that the Trump always escapes unscathed, we wonder how he does it. He has had it all and lost it all so many times, we can’t keep up. One thing is for sure though; it may not be the last time he files for bankruptcy but he will never be out of pocket.

4. Sean Quinn

This famous entrepreneur and Irish Businessman was worth a staggering $6 Billion but lost his entire fortune. The loss of his fortune happened incredibly rapidly when he invested 25% of his money in Anglo Irish Bank. Sean Quinn’s mistake was to borrow money from his own insurance company and when the world went into recession, his shares depleted immensely and he was in debt.

5. Patricia Kluge

Patricia Kluge is among the famous entrepreneurs that lost its all. She was married to John Kluge who was worth millions. After their divorce Patricia Kluge headed up a vineyard that was supposed to appeal to the rich and elite. She loaned a whopping $70 million for the vineyards infrastructure and when the real estate crisis hit, it caused her to foreclose the property and her dreams were crushed along with her bank balance. A hard hit among the other famous entrepreneurs.     

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